2014 Elections

KPCW's 2014 Election Coverage includes everything from filing to primaries to final results. Below we've listed all the candidates for each position and when available, a link to their latest interview.



Monday, June 9 - Last day to register to vote in-person or online

Tuesday, June 10 - Early Voting Begins

  • Park City - Marsac Building 
  • Kimball Junction - Richins Building (Library)
  • Coalville - Summit County Courthouse
  • Kamas - Kamas City Hall
  • times to be announced

Friday, June 20 - Early Voting Ends

Tuesday, June 24 - Primary Election Day: Polls open from 7am-8pm

Tuesday, November 4 - General Election Day


Utah State House, District

  • Mel Brown (R) incumbent
  • Ray Worthen (D)
  • John Zimmerman (R) - out
  • Blaine D. Hone (R) - out

Park City School Board, District #5 (Summit Park, Timberline, Pinebrook)

Park City School Board, District #4 (Jeremy Ranch)

  • J.J. Ehlers

Summit County Auditor

  • Alex Butwinski (D)
  • Michael Howard (D)
  • Gary Shumway (R)
  • Scot Carlson (D) - out

Summit County Council, Seat D

  • Chris Robinson (D) incumbent
  • Craig Williams (R)

Summit County Council, Seat E

  • David Ure (R) incumbent
  • Sean Warton (D)

Summit County Attorney

  • David Brickey (R) incumbent
  • Robert Hilder (D)

Summit County Sheriff

  • Sheriff's Captain Justin Martinez (D)
  • Kris Hendricksen (R)
  • Dax Shane (R) - out

Utah State House, District 54

  • Kraig Powell (R)  incumbent
  • Glenn Wright (D)
  • Wylder Smith (R) - eliminated

Utah State Senat, District 26

Utah State House, District 28

  • Brian King (D)

Summit County Assessor

  • Steve Martin

Summit County Treasurer

  • Corrie Forsling (D) incumbent
  • Amy Yost (R)

Summit County Recorder

  • Maryann Trussell (D) incumbent
  • Vicki Richards (R)
  • Elizabeth William (R) - out

Summit County Clerk

  • Kent Jones (D)
  • Nick Coleman (R)

U.S. Congress, Utah House District 1

  • Rob Bishop (R) incumbent
  • Donna McAleer (D)
  • Craig Bowden (Libertarian)
  • Dwayne Vance (Independent American)
  • Peter Clemens (D) - out
  • David Yu-Lin Chiu (R) - out


Convention News
5:35 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

Brown Discusses Challenges For The Legislature Ahead

Credit le.utah.gov

Long-time Utah legislator Mel Brown spoke last week to the County Republican convention, discussing challenges for the state legislature and a long-term challenge for the state. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
5:03 pm
Mon April 7, 2014

Summit County Treasurer Elections

Summit County's two political parties have finished their conventions and chosen their candidates. Among those, two contenders who will face off this fall for County Treasurer. Rick Brough has more.

Read more
2014 Elections
11:53 am
Thu April 3, 2014

Delegates To Decide Republican Candidates For Two County Offices

County Republican Chair Tal Adair

Summit County's Republican Party will hold its convention Thursday night, at South Summit High School. The delegates will vote to choose a nominee in two contests within the party, for county offices. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
10:47 am
Tue April 1, 2014

Two Candidates Move Forward To Seek County Auditor Position

Summit County's Democratic delegates gathered Saturday afternoon and voted on the local contest within their party. They decided that two candidates for County Auditor, Alex Butwinski and Michael Howard, will go on to a primary in late June. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
8:11 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

Hone Ready To Challenge Brown In November

While Summit County's GOP plan to meet later last week, Coalville Republican Mel Brown, who represents House District 53, has two challengers within the party. One of those is Morgan City resident Blaine Hone, who says that Brown has done a good job, but leans too much toward the mainstream, as with education. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
8:03 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

Horrocks Challenges Van Tassell From Within GOP

Susan Horrocks, a Republican, is challenging incumbent GOP leader Kevin Van Tassell for re-election to Senate District 26. Horrock said she will be able to represent a five county, rural district that stretches from Vernal to Park City. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
8:00 pm
Mon March 31, 2014

Van Tassell Points To Tourism Work On Legislative Resume

Kevin Van Tassell

Utah State Senator Kevin Van Tassell says he will be working hard to be elected to his third term, representing District 26 - even though he has two challengers this year. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
8:16 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

Worthen Becomes Brown's Sole Dem Opponent

Incumbent GOP Representative Mel Brown only has one Democratic challenger in his re-election bid for House District 53. That is Morgan County resident Ray Worthen. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
12:19 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Democratic Stevens Rises To Challenge Van Tassell

Wayne Stevens
Credit stevensforutsenate.com

Utah State Senator Kevin Vanb Tassell, whose District 26 includes the Park City area, has a Democratic challenger, Wayne Stevens, who is a Vernal resident, like Van Tassell.

Stevens talked to KPCW about environmental issues, and said he favors the proposed Tesoro pipeline. Rick Brough has more.

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2014 Elections
4:29 pm
Mon March 24, 2014

Nirula Wants To Fill District 5 School Board Seat

With two school board seats up for grabs in the coming elections and the filling window now closed - four candidates are vying for the District 5 seat. One of those is Julia Nirula. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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