John and Lynn’s first guest this morning is Megan Prelinger, author of Inside the Machine: Art and Invention in the Electronic Age. Inside the machine is a visual history of the electronic age which captures the collision of technology and art. A hidden history of the twentieth century’s brilliant innovations—as seen through art and images of electronics that fed the dreams of so many.. Our 2nd guest this morning is Matthew   Cobb, author of Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code.

Two local teenagers from a group called Teen Council attended the Planned Parenthood rally at the Utah State Capitol rotunda on Tuesday evening.  They say continuing to fund the organization is crucial for young people. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

Relief is on the way for pedestrians on Heber City's Main Street.  As KPCW's Renai Bodley reports, police and residents are happy to hear about UDOT's Hawk Signal. 

Park City Medical Center

This morning, we speak with Dr. Garrett Davis - he's the newest orthopedic surgeon to join the Rosenburg, Cooley, Metcalf Clinic at the Park City Medical Clinic. He specializes in hips and knees.

Then, it's Blake Summers, Education committee member of the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance to talk about the Craggin Classic Climbing event

  Protestors and supporters of Planned Parenthood held separate gatherings at Utah's Capitol this past week.  KPCW's Renai Bodley spoke to Planned Parenthood of Utah Executive Director Karrie Galloway and Utah Senator Curtis Bramble, a Republican who represents Utah and Wasatch Counties, about the rallies.   

On today's program, host Leslie Thatcher review the Park City Planning Commission agenda with planner Kirsten Whetstone. Summit County Manager Tom Fisher has details on Wednesday's county council meeting. Park City Council Member Andy Beerman releases the preliminary results of an on-line survey he's conducting and Teri Orr has details on Saturday's Lee Brice concert.


This Green Earth, a weekly talk show about the environment and our connections with it with hosts Chris Cherniak and Nell Larson.  On August 5th, the EPA and it’s contractors working at the Gold King Mine in southeast Colorado accidentally released millions of gallons of mine waste into the Animas River above the resort town of Durango. The plume of metal and mud stretched over 100 miles and three states before slowly diluting within the San Juan River in southeastern Utah.

Last week the greater Park City and Heber Valley communities came together as they do every six months and responded to KPCW’s call to donate to our community radio station.  Few communities our size in America have a locally focused station like ours, and we are humbled and inspired by the community’s response whenever we have this crazy pledge week.

We received 778 calls and over $100,000 in pledges.  This level of support is necessary to meet our budget, which is spent almost exclusively on local content and content providers like our great news and public affairs staff.

Back-to-School is an exciting time for families - but it could also bring some anxiety for kids as they transition from summer to school.  KPCW's Renai Bodley talked to a Park City therapist 

  about how families can cope.


Doug Wells and Larry Warren interview Bobby Monks author of Uninvested: How Wall Street Highjacks your Money and How to Fight Back.