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Park City Police say a juvenile has been charged as a result of their investigation into the deaths of two 13 year old boys.

Grant Seaver and Ryan Ainsworth died a couple of days apart in September.   Both boys were students at Treasure Mountain Junior High School. 

Police have not determined what caused the boys’ deaths.  However, right after they died the Park City School District and Park City Police issued a community alert about a synthetic opioid called “pink”.   They say the drug is easily available over the internet. 


After less than five years of operation, the Quinn’s Junction water treatment had to be shut down this year due to high levels of phosphorous and murky water which gummed up the plant’s filters. The plant is capable of processing three million gallons of water per day –water that would be needed in the event of drought or a fire. The fix is a $3.8 million upgrade.

City manager Diane Foster said it’s an incredibly important project because it will accomplish two things.

The Park city Board of Adjustment Overturns Appeal

Oct 19, 2016

The Park City Museum and Historic Society filed the appeal after seeing what staff had approved. They argued that the changes to the barrel roof and doers and windows could possible remove the historic building built in 1929 as one of the city’s Landmark structures.

Nearly 80 Summit County residents turned out for the  KPCW/Park Record Candidate Forum Monday night. Here are the segments in their entirety.

Utah House of Representatives House Districts 53 and 54:

Park City Board of Education:

Summit County Council:

$25 Million Open Space Bond presened by Assistant Park City Manager Matt Dias:

Summit County Transportation Sales Tax Measures presented by Becky Kearns:

Demand-Based Parking is in Old Towns Future

Oct 18, 2016
Melissa Allison

Large events like the Sundance film  Festival have  tested the limits of Park City’s parking system and it’s residents’ patience. Park City Public Works Director Blake Fonnesbeck said the demand-based parking system that will have a soft start next summer - will fluctuate in price as the demand for parking rise and fall.


The land that the Kimball Garage resides on was a well-established business known as the Kimball Bros. Livery that in 1929, in order to change with the times, built the Kimball Garage – a common shift in the era from horses to automobiles.

Melissa Allison

The city hasn’t worked out all of the details for parking prices but Park City’s public works director Blake Fonnesbeck said it will be hourly. To help Old town employees offset some of the impact to their wallets – the city is in the process of creating some plans to encourage them to make better parking choices.

The Park City School District has a handful  of sizeable projects underway including the evaluation of a new Drug Testing Policy.  Other committee projects include: High School Start Times, High School Expansion, Grade realignment and Special Education continuity and alignment evaluation. KPCW reporter, Carolyn Murray has more on the Tuesday  School board Meeting. 



The Santy Auditorium was all but empty if not for the 30 interested residents who showed up to hear the Treasure Hill applicants plans to mitigate the impacts of their project.

Kirsten Fox

When a friend is going through a hard time, finding the right thing to say, or do, is often challenging.  Park City entrepreneur Kirsten Henry Fox just launched a new business to help her customers help others in need.  And Fox says Uplift Gift helps in other ways, too.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has more:

Click here for the Uplift Gift website.