On today's Local News Hour, host Leslie Thatcher speaks with Park City planner Kirsten Whetstone and Christy Alexander about the agenda for the Park City Planning Commission including a lot of proposed changes to the Land Management Code and what's next for the Alice Claim development. The Summit County Council is not meeting this week, but Summit County Manager Tom Fisher has details on Monday's night COG meeting and his thoughts about last week's growth forum. Phyllis Robinson and Ann Ober with Park City talk about this week's Community Conversation meetings.

County Manager Bob Jasper caught a lot of flak from the east-side mayors last week, about a proposal that those cities should make some agreements to compensate the county for sheriff services. 
Responding to the COG (Council of Governments) meeting, Jasper told KPCW Tuesday it's a matter of what the law mandates, and it won't help to wait until a new sheriff is elected, as the COG group favored last week. Rick Brough has more.