Al Davis

The Tesoro meeting Tuesday night on their proposed oil pipeline was done as an Open House. It wasn't a public hearing, where citizens could make comments to a crowd or where Tesoro officials would answer back.
But one critic of the pipeline still decided to take the floor. Rick Brough has more.

Ken Perkins

Al Davis got involved in the early years of the White Pine Nordic Touring Center when he didn’t like the new rules that had been issued by the Park City Ski Area's then ski school director Stein Eriksen.

One winter, back in the mid-1970s, Davis – who had taught plenty of ski lessons but had never been on Nordic skis before - only had to take one thrilling ride down Thaynes Canyon to give up his locked down heel bindings in favor of three pinning.  In this week’s Park City Story, produced and edited by KPCW's Leslie Thatcher, Al Davis remembers that fateful ski tour…