The Boulder floods are being watched carefully by emergency managers in Summit County and Park City, who hope they can learn from Colorado's catastrophe. Rick Brough has more.

City Tour Cancelled

Sep 18, 2013

  Park City's City Tour to Boulder, Colorado has been cancelled, due to the catastrophic flooding emergency in the Boulder area. Rick Brough has more.

Meyer In Boulder

Sep 18, 2013

Colorado mountain towns like Boulder and Estes Park are still struggling to cope with devastating floods. A Park City resident who just recently moved to Boulder told KPCW Monday it will be a long time before the town gets it together. Rick Brough has more.

Although the Colorado floods nixed Park City's planned Road Tour to Boulder, tour organizer Myles Rademan has been able to put together a substitute road trip this week to Sun Valley, Idaho.

On Wednesday morning, the City Tour bus will be taking off, albeit with a smaller group than was scheduled for the jaunt to Boulder. Rick Brough has more.