Legal Civil War Breaks Out At Sky Lodge

Feb 7, 2014

A legal civil war has broken out at the Sky Lodge on Main Street, with clashing lawsuits filed by the hotel's owner and manager Ken Abdalla, and a group of time share owners at the Lodge.

In January, the owners group filed suit alleging that Abdalla's hotel company Malibu, which ran the rental program, had engaged in a scheme to divert rental revenues from the owners. Abdalla's lawyer Joe Wrona calls that, "a bunch of nonsense."

A week after that lawsuit, Abdalla's companies filed suit against the Sky Lodge Homeowners Association and five individual board members of the HOA. The suit alleges they got on the board through rigged elections, and have illegitimately selected another company, Gemstone, to replace Malibu and manage the HOA. Rick Brough has more.