This Green Earth - July 11. 2017

Jul 11, 2017

Utah Lake is a popular spot for boating and shoreline recreation, but for decades, large blooms of so-called blue-green algae have rendered the lake unappealing, at times harmful, to native fish, birds, dogs and humans alike. Why is this happening repeatedly at Utah Lake? What are its sources? And why is the bloom sometimes referred to as blue-green algae and other times cyanobacteria?  Joining Nell and Chris in the first part of the program is Ben Holcomb.  Ben is the coordinator of Biological Assessment and Harmful Algal Blooms Program with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Then in the second part of the program, Tanner Blackburn discusses what the company he works for, Property Management Associates is doing to – well – manage their properties in a more environmentally mindful way.