Golden Boy

Jul 22, 2013


They called him The Golden Boy after his improbable gold medal.  

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The early 90's were a rebuilding period for the U.S. Ski Team. Despite breakthrough results at the '92 Olympics, the public wasn't convinced. In fact, sports illustrated dubbed the team "Uncle Sam's lead-footed snowplow brigade." But the athletes knew differently, and the public criticism was a motivator for the entire team.

On a crisp, clear, bitter cold Norwegian day, Alaskan Tommy Moe opened the '94 games and rewrote history-winning the twisty, turny downhill in Kvitfjell outside Lillehammer. He was in a daze-wandering around the finish pinching himself. Mom and Dad jumped fences to get to their son. Even first lady, Hillary Clinton, was there to congratulate Moe on his win-coming 10 years after Bill Johnson set the standard on Sarajevo. Legendary sports illustrated writer, William Oscar Johnson, joined Moe in his car ride to the medals ceremony writing the famous, "Golden Boy" cover story.

Today hall of famer, Tommy Moe, splits his time with his family in Jackson Hole and his heli skiing and salmon fishing lodge in Alaska. His mind reflects back often to that magical gold medal day.

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