A Different Way To Donate

Feb 8, 2014

Sometimes, you just have a taste for something different when you donate to public radio. Here are more choices beyond our pledge premiums and auction items - and definitely things you can only get through a KPCW Pledge Drive.


KPCW Wish List - you can donate an item, donate funding to apply to an item or call us for a sponsorship of an item...

  • 22" flat screen TVs for breaking news (3)
  • A really good vacuum cleaner with attachments for cleaning electronics
  • A "Prize Wheel" a la Wheel of Fortune (but a little smaller)
  • Canned air to clean computers
  • Sennheiser headphones
  • Heater for our satellite dish to keep the signal strong
  • Interior AND exterior paint for our walls
  • Larger monitor screens for staff (15)
  • Storage cabinets for holding pledge premiums
  • Ergonomic chairs for staff, especially poor Ethel
  • Inexpensive laser printer
  • Some kind of portable Apple product to test web & online problems on (iTouch/iPad/iPad mini)


Sponsor A Space

  This list can be found on the online auction, and the highest bidder will have their name lovingly printed on white cardstock paper, announcing to the world that you bought the naming rights to that space for 365 days.

  • General Manager Larry Warren's "Corner" Cubicle
  • News Director Leslie Thatcher's Cubicle
  • County Reporter Rick Brough's Cubicle
  • City Reporter Lynn Ware Peek's Cubicle
  • Welcome Center/Ethel Preston's Desk
  • Programming Director/Fun Friday Host Jan Williams's Cubicle

  • Marketing/Classifieds Show Host Monika Guendner's Cubicle
  • Fundraising + Special Events Cindy Kaiser Bywater's Cubicle
  • Underwriting/Friday Football Emily Elliott's Cubicle

Sponsor a Need

  • Notebooks & Reporting Swag for Rick
  • Headphones for Leslie
  • Cell Coverage for Lynn
  • Rover Reporter mics for Roger
  • Music Library funds for Jan
  • Appreciation funds for Volunteer DJs