Rick Brough

Summit County Reporter

Known for getting all the facts right, as well as his distinctive sign-off, Rick covers Summit County meetings and issues. KPCW snagged him from The Park Record in the '80s, and he's been on air and covering the entire county ever since. He produces the Week In Review podcast, as well a heads the Friday Film Review team.

Rick is also a pop-culture savant (who would bury you in Trivial Pursuit), which makes him the perfect host for KPCW's weekend interview show of filmmakers, actors and critics during the Sundance Film Festival. Revealing his darker side, you can catch him every Friday afternoon with Randy Barton on The Local View discussing which celebrities passed on that week.

Other features on Mr. Brough include:

Ways to Connect

This week's Summit County Republican Party convention took place at a time when the county council is made up entirely of Democrats. In addition, the Republicans didn't put forward any candidates for six county positions on this year's ballot. During a Q&A at Tuesday's convention, some party members wondered if the council could be changed to elect members from specific districts. Rick Brough has the story:

Summit County's Republican Party convention on Tuesday night heard from half a dozen candidates running for U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch's soon-to-be-vacated . The best known of the contenders, Mitt Romney, wasn't at the meeting. Rick Brough has details:

Summit County Republicans held their convention Tuesday night in Kamas, where they heard from three candidates running for Utah Senate District 26. None of the contenders are from Summit County, but one candidate was endorsed by a familiar name in local politics. Rick Brough has more:

The Kamas Valley Business Association is celebrating its inaugural year. The association was founded to assist and promote economic growth in the south Summit County area. Rick Brough has more:

Although the U.S. Forest Service has approved a master development plan for the Alta ski resort, the environmental group Save Our Canyons says it still opposes a tram on Mount Baldy and helicopter landings in wilderness areas. Rick Brough has the story:

Summit County

Summit County has been hit with a legal filing from a group of landowners in Jeremy Ranch who are protesting an order from the county to remove their entry gate. Rick Brough has more:

Summit County

Summit County planners have recently made decisions about three major development proposals, all of them controversial. Rick Brough asked Pat Putt, community development director, what happens next:

The campaign to incorporate Hoystville as a town has finished its first step. Soon a feasibility study will be launched to look at the proposal. Rick Brough has more:


During public comments at its weekly meeting, the Summit County Council heard more opposition to the noise wall planned along Interstate Highway 80 at Jeremy Ranch. Rick Brough has the story:

Summit County

In the Summit County Council's proposed revision of the East County Planning Code, one major item would eliminate the highway corridor zone along major routes. Wednesday's public hearing had some owners complain about their density being taken away. Rick Brough has more: