John Wells

Host, KPCW Cool Science Radio

John's curiosity with science and technology began at the age of 7 with the country's space program. With a subscription his parents gave him to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics along with other periodicals and Walter Conkite's evening broadcast he studied everything space. He followed the lives of America's test pilots and astronauts who piloted Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. His curiosity in how things were built led him to dismantling the family's window fan, toaster and lawnmower. Taking apart things was easy. Putting them back together, well, not so much. John grew up in New York state and Massachusetts with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He received a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Maryland.

John's fascination with technology continued with a 25 year career in the computer industry. He held area, senior and executive management positions with; Chipcom Corporation (networking), MIPS Computer Systems (high performance computing) and Netapp (storage). He moved from Boston in November 2010 to live in Park City. He began DJing at KPCW in January 2011, has substitute co-hosted regularly on Mountain Money, Community Voices and This Mountain Life. In February 2013 John and Lynn Ware Peek became the permanent co-hosts of Community Voices.

In September 2013 John and Lynn launched Cool Science Radio: Delivering understandable science and technology in a complicated world.

Ways To Connect

In this edition of The  Morning Mix, hosts John Wells and Peg Ijams welcome young Utah singer and former American Idol contestant Kenz Hall who performs in studio. Also Renee Wong from the Utah Symphony is interviewed.

In this edition of Cool Science Radio, hosts Lynn Ware Peek and  John Wells welcome Dr. Barry Cooper, author of Alan Turing: His Work and Impact. They also explore space in their conversation with Charlie Precourt, a former NASA Astronaut.

In this edition of The Morning Mix hosts John Wells and Peg Ijams welcome extremely talented local musical guest, Emily Bea  who performs live in studio. Then Saturday night's "Hack Attack" joins the show and the boys cover the Weekend Events in Park City and Heber.

In this edition of Cool Science Radio, hosts Lynn Ware Peek and John Wells welcome Robert Rutledge, a forecaster at NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center to talk about Sunspots. Then, Chuck Bowers from  NASA is on to talk about the James Webb Telescope and research at USU.

In this special Halloween edition of The Morning Mix John and Peg welcome KPCW Program Director  Andy Martin to talk about new music on the station. Also Veronica Vasquez and Jenny Skoy from The Leonardo tell us about Bodyworlds - The Cycle of Life exhibit, currently playing at science museum. Then Dr. Doug Smith, Chief of Medical for Arches Health Plan, talks about anatomical means for the lay person in the scientific and medical community.

Hosts John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek speak with paraplegic Dustin Shillcox who, thanks to his involvement in a study in which an electrical epidural stimulator was surgically implanted on his spine, now has regained control to voluntarily move his legs, hips and toes and has restored bladder, bowel, and sexual function.


Rachel Kahler

In this edition of The Morning Mix, hosts John Wells and Peggy Ijams welcome Rachael Collar from Heber Valley Tourism who talks about this weekends Western and Poetry Gathering, also singer Erica Hanson who is a superstar in the valley and a performer at the event. Then, Scott House with Jan's and White Pine Touring talk about the latest in ski technology. Plus fun activities in Park City this weekend and more!

In this edition of Cool Science Radio, hosts John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek speak first with paleontologist Timothy King.  They go with him to Siberia, where melting permafrost is exposing emerging frozen mammoths.  

In this edition of The Morning Mix, hosts John Wells and Peg Ijams talk with KPCW General Manager Larry Warren about weekend hiking between the seasibs, then Faye Zamarin stops by to give some fitness tips. Also upcoming weekend events in Park City.

In this edition of Cool Science Radio, hosts Lynn Ware Peek and John Wells talk hops, how it's locally picked and brewed. Then Daniel Goldman from Georgia Institute of Technology joins the show to talk about robots and rattlesnakes. Also this week, Lynn and John speak with Ruth Defries, author of The Big Rachet.