John Wells

Host, KPCW Cool Science Radio

John's curiosity with science and technology began at the age of 7 with the country's space program. With a subscription his parents gave him to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics along with other periodicals and Walter Conkite's evening broadcast he studied everything space. He followed the lives of America's test pilots and astronauts who piloted Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. His curiosity in how things were built led him to dismantling the family's window fan, toaster and lawnmower. Taking apart things was easy. Putting them back together, well, not so much. John grew up in New York state and Massachusetts with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He received a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Maryland.

John's fascination with technology continued with a 25 year career in the computer industry. He held area, senior and executive management positions with; Chipcom Corporation (networking), MIPS Computer Systems (high performance computing) and Netapp (storage). He moved from Boston in November 2010 to live in Park City. He began DJing at KPCW in January 2011, has substitute co-hosted regularly on Mountain Money, Community Voices and This Mountain Life. In February 2013 John and Lynn Ware Peek became the permanent co-hosts of Community Voices.

In September 2013 John and Lynn launched Cool Science Radio: Delivering understandable science and technology in a complicated world.

Ways to Connect

  Today’s first musical guest is Michael Ross Barow performing live in studio.  Our guest in the second segment of the program is Denise Carey, bringing us up to date on the McPolin Farm snow shoe dinner. The final guests were Michael Doucet and other members of BeauSoliel who are performing  this weekend at the Egyptian Theatre.  

  In today’s Morning mix program John and Peggy welcome music guest Brooke Macintosh who is performing live in studio.  Renee Huang from Utah Symphony is the second guest on the program. Renee is offering 10 pairs of tickets to the Utah Symphony, Utah Opera season. Park Meadows Country Club provides the community Challenge for the hour during day five of the spring pledge drive.

  On day four of our winter pledge drive, John and Lynn visit with Earl Foote from Nexus IT Consultants.  In the second segment of the program Angela Shaeffer from Peak Art and Frame is in studio.

  John and Peggy welcome their music guest Otter Creek who perform live in studio in the first segment of the program.  Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits dropped by to visit in the second segment of the show.  Herman’s Hermits are performing this weekend at the Egyptian Theatre. The final guest on the program today is Robin Marrouche, Executive Director and Nancy Stokes Exhibitions Director of Kimball Arts new exhibit: Illuminations of Africa’s Wildlife: Its Beauty, Its Struggle to Survive.

  John and Lynn’s first guest today is Maria Konnikova, author of The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time. While cheats and swindlers may be a dime a dozen, true conmen—the Bernie Madoffs, the Jim Bakkers, the Lance Armstrongs—are elegant, outsized personalities, artists of persuasion and exploiters of trust. How do they do it? Why are they successful? And what keeps us falling for it, over and over again?

  Cool Science Radio speaks with Jet Propulsion Laboratory's head engineer tasked with leading the landing of the Curiosity on the surface of Mars.  His name is Adam Steltzner and he's written a book called, The Right Kind of Crazy:  A True Story of Teamwork, Leadership, and High-Stakes Innovation.  
Then, it's NY Times bestselling author Eric Weiner, author of, The Geography of Genius:  A Search for the World's Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley  


In the first segment of the program, we hear from musical guest Stephan Darland who performs live in studio.

We are pleased to have Mark Farner in studio as our second guest.  Mark is a singer, guitarist and songwriter best known as the lead singer and lead guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad. Mark is appearing at the Egyptian Theater. 

In the final segment of the program today is Renee Huang with information about The Utah Opera presentation of The Merry Widow at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.

   Musical guest on the first segment of the show today is Chad Truman.  He will perform live in studio.

The second guests are three of the group, Village People, who are performing at the Egyptian Theater.  In studio are Felipe Rose (Native American) the original founding member of the group along with Raymond Simpson (policeman) and Bill Whitfield (construction worker).

Jason Hackney joins John and Peggy in the third segment of the show.  

  The first guest is Bill Andrews, Senior Associate Editor, Discover Magazine. We asked Bill to discuss the Top Ten Stories of 2015. Our second guests are Bibop Gresta, Deputy Chairman and COO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and Sharon Anderson Morris, Director of Strategic New Service Programs and Future in Review Events.  Bibop Gresta is considered a worldwide expert in digital media, cross-platform technologies, transportation, and finance. 

  Lynn and John’s guest on the program today is Dr. Yalda Uhls, author of Media Moms & Digital Dads: A Fact-Not-Fear Approach to Parenting in the Digital Age. Is social media ruining our kids? How much internet activity is too much? What do FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), sexting, and selfies mean for teens? Are you curious about what research says about how media and technology are impacting childhood?