Leslie Thatcher

What's been dubbed as Park City's biggest outdoor dinner party, Savor the Summit on Saturday night successfully hosted thousands of diners who sat at tables in the middle of Main Street. Leslie Thatcher has more.

The Park City Council will decide Thursday if they issue a ban on fireworks and open fires, after they see how the weather and moisture levels look at this point. The council reviewed the item at their meeting last week. As Park City Fire Chief Paul Hewitt put it, there was "a little bit of a disagreement" among emergency responders about the fire hazard this year. Rick Brough has more.

Rory Murphy is one of six candidates vying for one of three seats on the Park City Council. He says with his background in development, he can help the city move forward. Lynn Peek has more.

Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong redrafted a key provision in the revised Snyderville General Plan, Phase 2, working with the county attorney's office. That was a key step, before the county council voted to approve the second phase. Rick Brough has more.

Thank You To Community

Jun 23, 2015
Leslie Thatcher

Thank you to Mary Potts, Bill White and Bill White Enterprises for stepping up and offering to cater the memorial service for KPCW Program Director Andy Martin, who passed away on June 11. His passing is still a shock to the KPCW family, and his absence leaves a hole, but we are humbled and grateful that members of the community, like White and Potts, are willing to come forth and share our burden.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us over the last week.

On today's Local News Hour, host Leslie Thatcher speaks with Park City planner Kirsten Whetstone and Christy Alexander about the agenda for the Park City Planning Commission including a lot of proposed changes to the Land Management Code and what's next for the Alice Claim development. The Summit County Council is not meeting this week, but Summit County Manager Tom Fisher has details on Monday's night COG meeting and his thoughts about last week's growth forum. Phyllis Robinson and Ann Ober with Park City talk about this week's Community Conversation meetings.

On today's Local News Hour, host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County Planners Ray Milliner and Sean Lewis about Tuesday's Snyderville Basin Planning Commission meeting. Park City Council candidate Rory Murphy talks about his platform. Rena Jordan and Brian Hanton with the Snyderville Basin Recreation District have an update on the proposed ice area and no bikes at the Run A Muk dog park.  Artist, Author and Financial Planner Carl Richards talks about Thursday's Kimball Art Center presentation.

One of the six candidates running for Park City Council is Old Town resident Hope Melville. Lynn Peek has more.

On this episode of Mountain Money, hosts Larry Warren and Doug Wells kicked off the show with Jeff Bartlett from Consumer Reports. They had a conversation about the 10 Best Cars Made In America or assembled in America with many American parts. Entrepreneur and Park City resident Daniel Might then joined the show to talk about some of his projects, including Uber and Seth Adams, owner of Riverhorse, also joined the show to talk about their purchase of The Imperial Hotel and the plans for it.

Family Looking For ADA Home

Jun 22, 2015

Mother and wife Carmen Moreno is looking for a ground-floor or wheelchair accessible rental for her family before the winter season starts. Her husband is wheelchair bound with terminal cancer which does not allow him to climb any stairs. The Moreno family has two young sons and are looking for a year-round apartment, condo or ground floor home in a house within the Park City School District. One or two bedrooms needed, and budget allows for $1,500/month absolute max. Contact Carmen at 951-893-7975