KPCW General Manager

General Manager, KPCW.  Park City’s community radio station is looking for the next leader to manage and grow a community treasure.  Journalism, sales, management, broadcast experience  are all essential for this key position.  Cover letter and resume via email only to:   lwarren@kpcw.org.  No phone calls. Closing date for applications is March 31, 2017.   Equal Opportunity Employer.


The General Manager needs to possess skills in four main subject areas:


We seek an experienced broadcaster who understands and supports the role of strong, objective journalism fulfilling the station mission to “Inform and educate” our audience, and will push the news department toward tough but fair enterprising reporting which serves the information needs of listeners.  The GM must understand and make decisions related to the broadcast chain from studio to mountaintop, evaluating systems, software and infrastructure investments in coordination with the station engineer.  The GM must have a vision and knowledge about emerging trends in radio and in public broadcasting, and be aware of, and comfortable with all forms present and in the future related to digital content.  The GM must develop a progressive plan to push KPCW content to digital platforms and engage audiences through social media and podcasts.


The KPCW General Manager is the public face of the station in the communities we serve.  The GM must make frequent public appearances to communicate the mission, accomplishments and needs of the station in the communities we serve.  The GM will display the networking and interpersonal skills required to become an integral part of the community, serving on community boards and networking throughout the listening area.  The GM will conduct audience research to determine programming needs for the audience we serve, and then implement programming that reflects the research.  The GM will then guide the Marketing Director in the creation of campaigns and events that promote KPCW’S role in the community.


The KPCW General Manager is the chief fundraiser for the station, guiding a Development Director in their work.  Fundraising includes the solicitation of new members of the Broadcasters Club ($1,000 and above annual donors) and maintaining relations with present Club members to maintain strong renewal rates.  This involves after hours socializing and the creation of exclusive Club events to create a social club which supports the public broadcasting mission.  The GM also directs the Development Director in grant writing and solicitations, the preparation of applications for CPB and other government funding sources, including the Summit County “RAP” tax which is a major source of funding.


The General Manager must demonstrate an ability to create, project, manage and adhere to budgets, making adjustments with the station accountant to keep KPCW on budget throughout the fiscal year.  The GM negotiates and administers agreements with local government agencies pertaining to tower leases, shared infrastructure costs (such as the KPCW emergency generator), and special service contracts.  The GM supervises maintenance of the physical plant of the studios of KPCW and those of three remote mountaintop transmission facilities.  The GM must have thorough knowledge of pertinent FCC rules and regulations, such as maintenance of the Public File, adherence to underwriting rules, and the timely filing of required reports such as EEO, ownership, issues and programs, and other filings.

We are always looking for volunteers.   If you are interested in volunteering, contact Ethel Preston at epreston@kpcw.org.