Summit County

The Utah Department of Transportation is creating a rest stop for trucks in lower Silver Creek, near the Bell's station. County Manager Tom Fisher admitted they have little input there. Rick Brough has more:

The Summit County Attorney's office has filed sexual battery charges against three 18-year-olds who graduated earlier this month from Park City High School. Rick Brough has more:

After calling a halt last week, Oakley City has announced that outside watering can likely resume on Monday. Rick Brough has more:

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will get its first look at an application for a major commercial and residential development across the frontage road from Home Depot on Tuesday. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more:

Summit County

The South Point development application in Browns Canyon was denied by the East Side Planning Commission and Summit County Council.  It was originally a part of the Promontory special planning area but has since spun off as its own development.  However, the affordable housing requirements from Promontory were somehow assigned to the South Point development in 2016.    Carolyn Murray has this:

The East Creek Ranch subdivision is built on an area with high ground water and during this time of year, some homeowners need to keep a sump pump running almost continuously. The Anderson Development company previously owned the property before selling it to Woodside Homes and were concerned about the property’s drainage issues years ago,  when UDOT  built the freeway interchange back in 2000.  Carolyn Murray has this: 

A local businessman who has questioned the county's Kimball Junction Circulator says he's starting up his own extended shuttle service in the Basin, with a fee, and based on an app. Rick Brough has more:

Oakley City has notified its residents that no outside watering is allowed until further notice. That's occurring while one of their major sources is under repair, and the city is trying to find out why another source is being depleted. Rick Brough has more:

Summit County

After 40 years as an employee of Summit County, Coalvile native Ben Blonquist has retired. He was honored by the Summit County council last week for having the longest tenure as a county employee that—at least anyone can remember. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more:

Summit County

Summit County officials say that their Kimball Junction Circulator service has been a success, although it came under some crticisim last week. Rick Brough has more: