Park City

Everything to do inside of Park City proper.

   Park City council honored Hugh Daniels last week, as he retired after 11 years as the city’s emergency manager.

Daniels, also a former City Council Member, says he ran an operation that basically had the slogan “Plan for the Best, Expect the Worst.”

In an interview last week with KPCW, Daniels recalled that he came to Park City in 1983, opening the first full-time bed and breakfast in town, the Old Miners Lodge.

Summit County Sheriff Deputies are seeking a hit-and-run driver who drove through a construction zone last week and knocked down a worker.

An incident report said officers responded to a call on Thursday, the 28th, shortly before 4:00 pm to the Blackstone Drive area, located between White Pine Canyon Road and the Canyons Resort.

Witnesses said the driver of a newer-model black Range Rover became upset driving through the construction, and made threats. The man knocked down a worker who was standing next to his vehicle, and fled.

Courtesy of Utah Open Lands

Utah Open Lands aims to raise $6 million by this December to preserve the 19-acre Snow Ranch Pastures in the Thaynes area of Park City.

Open Lands director Wendy Fisher told KPCW that if it happens, it will be thanks to local citizens, the area’s business community, and the long-time ranching family that owns the property. 

The pastures property, which is within city limits, has one-third-acre zoning, which could potentially mean up to 57 units. The value of the land is set at $17 million.


Park City resident Michael Conti finished 4th in the Race Across America, dubbed "the world's toughest race", he also was the first American across the finish line. Conti says achieving these accolades wasn’t his goal however, his goal was simply to finish.

“The race across America is one of the hardest cycling events in the world, you have to cover 3,070 miles in under 12 days, there’s a 12-day cut off on it” Conti said, “we had some other goals of top five and top American but main goal was just to finish.”

Summit County

The Summit County Council Wednesday voted to approve this year’s recommendations for Restaurant Tax funding. In the end, they decided not to reconsider a couple of applications that got zero funding—one of those being Park City Municipal’s request for Fourth of July activities.

The Citizens Advisory Committee for Restaurant Tax had turned down Park City, which had asked for $185,000 over two years for the Fourth of July—and also the Friends of Ski Mountain Mining History which asked for $85,000 to stabilize the Thaynes Conveyor.

Summit County

      The Summit County Council Wednesday voted to implement two new transit tax levies.    They also acknowledged that for them—and just about everybody else in the county—deciding for or against has been a quandary.  

After a prolonged discussion, the county council voted for the so-called “Fourth Quarter’ tax—amounting to .25 percent, and the “Fifth Quarter” of .2 percent.

Sundance Institute has kicked off their 21st annual Free Summer Film Screening with several screenings coming to Summit County. 

The Sundance Institute is screening 11 films this summer throughout the state of Utah. 3 more films will be screened in Summit County. The series opened on Saturday June 16 as part of the Latino Arts Festival. Sundance screened the film Dolores

Sundance Institute’s new Assistant Director of Utah Community Programs LaraLee Ownby says they’ll continue to provide activities that match the theme of the film shown.

Three recent graduates of Park City High, who are facing sexual battery charges, have their next court date in early July.

All three defendants have made their first appearance in court--the most recent being Monday June 25.

Carter Noah Hall made a brief appearance in Third District Courty. His attorney Lindsay Jarvis, noted that his co-defendants, Joseph Lukrich and Bernhardt Pederson, have their next roll call scheduled on July 9. She asked for the same date for her client.

As the Summit County Council prepares to take a vote at its Wednesday meeting on the one-quarter of one percent transit and transportation tax, they continue to make presentations about the tax impacts across the county. Two members of the Summit County council will make that presentation to the Park City Council at their special meeting on Tuesday. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

The Federal Election Commission and the State of Utah Financial Disclosures have released campaign finances for the primary election.

Mitt Romney is running for the U.S. Senate seat left open by the retirement of Orrin Hatch. Romney has raised over $3.5 million, with $1 million transferred from his 2012 Presidential election bid. Romney has disbursed nearly $2 million during his campaign. John Cumming contributed over $8,000; Evrett and Cheryl Benton contributed over $16,000