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Park City's Peace House is planning its annual Bling Fling in November. Gatherings are now being held to prepare for it. Rick Brough has more.

Enrique Sanchez

With the clock ticking on the DACA program and no new applications being accepted, it'll be up to Congress to figure out the fate of nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants, who were brought to the U.S. by their parents as children. In this second of a two-part series, Leslie Thatcher examines the future hopes and dreams of one Park City student - who has always called Park City home. 

Enrique Sanchez

20 year old Enrique Sanchez, a Mexican citizen, has spent most of his life in Park City. He's watching the process unfolding that will determine his fate in the states. In this first of a two-part series, Leslie Thatcher reveals more on just one of the hundreds of thousands of others who are in a similar situation.

Climate Change . gov

The Park City Interfaith Council and Citizens Climate Lobby are teaming up to present a two part series on climate change.  The first meeting is this Sunday, October 8th.  The guest panel includes both a science and a humanities perspective on the impacts of climate change.  Carolyn Murray has more:

Enrollment is Down in Park City School District

Oct 5, 2017
Park City School District

The Park City Board of Education met Tuesday with an agenda that included updates on student enrollment and the impacts on state funding and closing schools to out of district admissions.  Carolyn Murray has this:  

Park City Board of Education

The Park City School Board hosted a strategic planning open house on Monday night.  About 60 people showed up, about half representing the school district and the other half, the community at large.  One message to the school board focused on how new programs are implemented in the district – with some saying it should be a teacher led- not an administrative led - decision. Carolyn Murray has this.

Sam Thompson's Tech Leadership Class

Treasure Mountain Junior High 8th graders ventured into a social media free experiment last week.  The kids in the Student Tech Leadership class gave up social media for a solid week.  Carolyn Murray has more:

The Project for a Deeper Understanding holds its quarterly panel discussion on Thursday, October 5th.  The issue is Fake News  and the Demise of Public Discourse and with the current political and social climate, it is a timely conversation.  The organizers hope to have diversity of opinion and lively discourse.  KPCW General Manger, Renai Bodley will moderate.  Join in person or listen to the live broadcast starting at 7.

Park City High School

After expert input and a year’s worth of study, the Park City School Board voted  this past summer in favor of moving start times for High School and Junior High students. But it’s not finalized when the changes will take effect.  Carolyn Murray has more.  

Park City School District Wants Public Input.

Oct 2, 2017
Park City School District

The first of the Park City School District Strategic Planning Meeting  was held Monday.  The purpose was to gather input from the public on the direction they want the school district to take as it faces overcrowding and changes in the future of education. Carolyn Murray has more: