Only In Park City.


Recognizing that certain things could only happen here in the Wasatch Back is the ultimate Park City theme, whether you are standing in Kamas, Kimball Junction, Heber, Midway or Old Town itself.

Do YOU have a story that could only happen here? Submit photos and words to so we can add it here.

Local mother promotes bone marrow donor drive with free public service announcements on KPCW to find a match for son.

180+ people show up for the event. News on a match for son and another local in need  a month later.

State Liquor Stores are closed for a holiday.

 KPCW airs this as a public service announcement.

It's a Cat's Life.

Jul 15, 2013

Cat wanders away from home for a few days.

  Comes back groomed. 

Moose Reports.

Jul 15, 2013

KPCW gives traffic updates any time of day when needed...

Reports usually involve a moose.