Weber Canyon

A Third District Court judge gave a prison sentence of up to 15 years to a defendant who barged into the home of long-time county resident Nadine Gilmore, stole more than a million dollars' worth of valuables and cash, and assaulted Mrs. Gilmore in January 2016.

Gilmore and her relatives say she was physically and emotionally shaken by the actions of 40-year-old Ricky Joseph Archuleta. But supporters of the defendant say he had been dealing with mental issues, substance abuse problems, and a devastating death in his family. Rick Brough has more.

Summit County Sheriff deputies responded to the report of an Oakley resident who shot himself late Thursday afternoon. Rick Brough has more.

Summit County Sheriff's officers are investigating the shooting death of a woman which took place Friday night in a cabin neighborhood up Weber Canyon. The investigation is still preliminary, but indications are that the case is a suicide. Rick Brough has more.