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Wasatch Fire District Asks For Tax Increase

Aug 24, 2017

Wasatch County Fire District is asking voters to support a tax increase. They’re hosting an information session Monday night at the Heber Fire Station and hoping to have Wasatch County officials attend.   Carolyn Murray has more:

Wasatch School District Facebook Page

Wasatch School District Parents, administration, the Heber City Police Department and social media join forces to identify and resolve a safety issue in about 24 hours of time.  Carolyn Murray has more: 

Heber and Midway both held Primary Elections last week and both towns had incumbent mayors who made it through their primaries. Carolyn Murray has this:

Deer Valley Sold to Newly Formed Resort Consortium

Aug 21, 2017
Deer Valley Blog

Deer Valley was acquired Monday by a newly formed ski resort consortium.   Up to now, Deer Valley resort enjoys a long standing reputation of exceptional service, beautifully groomed trails and skier only access.  This is not expected to change, at least for this upcoming season.   Carolyn Murray has more:

Leslie Thatcher

The Miller Family from Park City traveled to Washington DC last month to participate in the Children’s Congress on Type I Diabetes Research.  One hundred and sixty delegates ages 4 to 17 met with representatives to encourage continued funding for the research. Carolyn Murray has this:

Bank Robber in Midway Still on the Loose

Aug 16, 2017
Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

The Grand Valley Bank in Midway was robbed at gun point last week and the suspect remains at large.  The FBI and Wasatch County Sheriff’s office continue to investigate the robbery.  They’re asking the community for any information about the incident. Carolyn Murray has this update.

Additional votes will be counted and posted online on Friday. The Election Canvas is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 22 10 a.m. - 25 North Main St. Heber City. 

Heber City Mayor - Top 2 move on 

Kelleen Potter - 535

Alan Wayne McDonald - 505

Nick Lopez - 85

Heber City Council - Top 4 move on

Wayne Hardman - 440

Heidi Franco - 438

Perry Rose - 333

Mark Tobler - 281

Darek Slagowski - 259

Ryan Stack - 223

Jim Mortensen - 92

Midway Mayor - 2 move on

Midway City

In June, the City of Midway put in place a moratorium on subdivision applications. They have six months to make changes to the code.  Carolyn Murray has more on this.  

Wasatch County Administrative Building

Wasatch County is gearing up to offer additional polling locations to residents for Tuesday’s Primary Election Day.    Carolyn Murray has more : 

KPCW has been following the August primary ballot problems in Wasatch County.  The statement below is from the Wasatch County Clerk's website.  To see the previous statements, click here.

"2017 Wasatch County Primary Election Issues - Second Announcement