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Wasatch School District Website

The Wasatch County School Board of Education is accepting applications for a new school board position.    Debbie Jones retired last month.  Carolyn Murray has more: 

Algae Bloom in Deer Creek Reservoir Calls for Warnings

Sep 15, 2017
Utah Environmental Quality Website

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality was doing some routine Ecoli testing when a staff member noticed an algae problem in a small area near the Island Marina at Deer Creek Reservoir.    The Wasatch County Department of Environmental Quality and the Central Utah Water Conservancy District worked together on site and found an isolated area of toxic algae blooms.  Carolyn Murray has more:  

Wasatch County Fire District

The Wasatch County Fire District needs about a million dollars to properly protect the county and provide reliable emergency services.  With the population growth and increased call volume, Fire and EMS can’t keep up.  Carolyn Murray has more: 

Heber Man Dies in Rollover Accident on SR 40

Sep 8, 2017
Shawn Long Youcaring.org / https://www.youcaring.com/shawnmichaeljoshzaredalonzojojoalexanderadamaugusti-941279

A vehicle rollover on September 5th took the life of a Heber City man.  It was a single vehicle accident and the victim died as a result of injuries sustained when he was ejected from the driver’s side window.  Carolyn Murray has more: 


Midway Residents Want Open Space Bond

Sep 7, 2017

     In a recent vote, the Midway City Council refused to put an open space bond on November’s ballot, saying all of the details had not been worked out. Pure Midway is the citizens group interested in preserving the rural setting and is building support for their cause.  Carolyn Murray has more:

Robert Lucero ILPLA

The Indian Lands and Public Lands Alliance defends Indian Sovereignty and supports the protection of federal public lands. Alliance representatives visited Park City this week to build awareness and collect signatures in support of their cause.  Carolyn Murray has more:

Smoke and particulate matter from wildfires raging across the west can cause problems for some people.  The Summit County Health Department is investigating.    Carolyn Murray has more:

Aubreigh Parks

Last Saturday, more than a thousand people gathered in Monticello, Utah for the memorial service of staff Sgt. Aaron Butler – who was killed August 16th serving a combat mission in Afghanistan. On Tuesday, the soldier’s youngest sibling, Adam, drove back alone to his new home in Heber City – and was welcomed with an outpouring of love and support from the community. Leslie Thatcher has more.

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Carol Clawson

The annual Soldier Hollow Classic starts early Friday morning in Midway with the sheep dog championship and festival. Carolyn Murray has more:

Blake Allen-Wasatch Fire DistrictKelleen Potter-Heber City Council

The Wasatch County Fire District is proposing up to a million dollar tax increase which the Chief says is necessary to hire new people and purchase needed equipment.  At an open house on Monday, the fire district welcomed the community to find out more about what they do and how much it costs.   Carolyn Murray has more: