Wasatch County

Residents Of The Heber Valley Oppose New Power Project

Dec 11, 2017

A group of Wasatch County residents, calling themselves, VOLT, wants to put a stop to a project to install high voltage power lines through Wasatch County. The group claims the agreement was made without public input. Carolyn Murray has this: 

Midway Hosts Annual Creche Exhibit

Nov 30, 2017

For 20 years, the town of Midway has held a Creche Exhibit that shows private collections from residents.  It’s an event that inspires thousands to visit Town Hall during the 4 day showcase. This year, a private collection will be displayed in conjunction with the annual Midway event. Carolyn Murray has this:

Mayor's Race Decided by a Coin Toss

Nov 28, 2017
Deer Creek State Park

 The small town of Charleston in Wasatch County knows first-hand what it means to say every vote counts.  Small town activism had some record setting voter participation this year.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Tuesday night Wasatch County voters elected two female mayors, and helped replace Congressman Jason Chaffetz with another Republican.  Kelleen Potter was elected Heber City mayor, defeating incumbent Alan McDonald.  And Celeste Johnson was elected mayor of Midway, defeating incumbent Colleen Bonner.   

In Heber City's city council race, Heidi Franco won re-election.  Wayne Hardman also won. 

In the Third District Congressional race, John Curtis, Provo's mayor, soundly defeated democrat Kathie Allen.

Kelleen Potter

Kelleen Potter defeated incumbent Alan McDonald in Heber City's race for mayor Tuesday night.  Potter won with 1,437 votes to McDonald's 1,015.   Potter is a former high school teacher who also served as the State Elections Director under Governor Mike Leavitt.   She was elected to Heber's City Council in 2013.   Prior to serving as mayor, McDonald served a full term on Heber's City Council.  

Moose in Iron Canyon -Dave Cushing

Seeing Moose in this part of the Wasatch Back is common.  Spotting moose on the trails is one thing but in Park City, they’re often seen wandering up Swede Alley or grazing in the round-about on Deer Valley Drive.  Some of Utah’s wildlife experts are keeping watch on the moose that inhabit the region from Parley’s Canyon to Duchesne.  

The Extell Development Company out of New York City has closed on the 23-hundred acre mountain parcel of Mayflower – paving the way for an expansion of the Deer Valley Resort. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

OK 3 AIR Sues Summit County Man For Defamation

Oct 31, 2017
Heber City Airport

On August 9th, Heber City Airport’s Fixed Base Operator – known as an FBO -  OK3 Air - filed a lawsuit in the Summit County’s 3rd District Court claiming defamation and tortious interference.  On Wednesday, the case will be considered on a motion to dismiss by the defendant.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Jared "JC" Simonsen Runs for Midway City Council

Oct 24, 2017
Jared "JC" Simonsen

Jared “JC” Simonsen is running for Midway City Council.  He comes from the small town of Manti, Utah.  He works in software design developing business management and accounting applications. He’s lived in Midway for 5 years.  Carolyn Murray has this:  

Don Huggard Wants Another Term on Midway City Council

Oct 24, 2017
Don Huggard

Don Huggard has lived in Midway for 50 years and he’s on the ballot this November hoping to win one of the two open seats on City Council.  He spent 20 years on the council from 1992 to 2012.  Carolyn Murray has this: