Utah Education

Utah Legislature
1:39 pm
Mon March 3, 2014

Powell Reviews Utah Education Proposals

  Education is always a big topic for state legislators, and House Rep. Kraig Powell reviewed some of the major proposals.  Rick Brough has more.

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Education Funding
1:42 pm
Tue December 17, 2013

Senator Pat Jones Looks For Lasting Education Legacy

In her final year in the Utah legislature Senator Pat Jones is looking for a lasting education legacy. She thinks she's come up with a bill that many on both sides of the aisle can get behind and will pump an additional 400-million dollars into schools statewide. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has the story. 

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Updated GED Test
11:55 am
Wed December 11, 2013

GED Test Being Updated Nationwide for 2014

Taking the GED test in Utah will be a bit different in 2014. The high school equivalency test is being updated nationwide, with a focus on better preparing students for secondary education and workforce readiness. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more. 

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Local News
5:49 pm
Wed September 18, 2013

Kraig Powell Talks Educational Issues

Next month, the Utah Education Interim committee will consider a bill that would raise $400,000,000 to provide ongoing funding for Utah schools by eliminating a tax exemption that favors large families. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

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State & Regional
2:00 pm
Tue July 30, 2013

Repeal Of Compulsory Education Law Debated

Originally aired on July 23, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah education officers say a Republican state senator's idea to scrap the state's compulsory education law would put already-vulnerable students further at risk. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

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