Summit County

Summit County

As part of a busy agenda on Wednesday, the Summit County Council is continuing to deliberate over some additional sales tax opportunities for transit. Rick Brough has more:

Republican primary candidates to represent Utah in the United States Senate participated in a debate on Tuesday May 29. David Boyle has more:

The full debate can be found at

The application period has opened for local organizations to vie for grant funding from the Park City Rotary Club. Rick Brough has more:

At one of their recent breakfast meetings, members of the Summit County Council met with a few citizens in Coalville. they talked about the growth that may be coming to the county seat. Rick Brough has more:

A vote by the Snyderville Planning Commission is sending a rezone to be considered by the county council. the approval was for Lincoln Station, a mixed-use project along the Bitner frontage road, East of the fire station. Rick Brough has more:

Democratic Primary Candidates for Utah’s 1st Congressional District participated in a debate on Tuesday May 29th. David Boyle has this:

The full debate can be found at:

Both candidates were interviewed on the Local News Hour by Leslie Thatcher. Those interviews can be found below.

Summit County resident and 2015 Utah Arborist of the year, is critical of local government for their landscape architecture choices. David Boyle has more:


The Summit County Council does not have any authority over the proposed Jeremy Ranch noise wall. Council member Chris Robinson notes, they haven't been able to shake the controversy. Rick Brough has more:

The South Summit Trails Foundation has been hard at work putting together a network of pathways in the Oakley-Kamas area. Their partners include cities like Oakley and the U.S. Forrest Service. Rick Brough has more:


Representatives of the Utah Department of Transportation came to the Summit County Council Wednesday to address concerns by citizens. UDOT responded point by point, to criticism that they haven't followed their own process to plan a noise wall between Interstate 80 and Jeremy Ranch.

UDOT official Bryan Adams say in the end, they feel "pretty extremely comfortable" that they have followed the criteria set by the state and the federal government. Rick Brough has more: