Summit County Clerk

Earlier this week, Kamas City officially approved the vote canvass for its municipal primary. The results showed there is still a very tight race between two city council candidates, which has only grown tighter as time wears on. But the result has been reversed since the initial tally on August 15th -- by just one vote. Rick Brough has more.

Some Votes Not Counted - Canvas is Complete

Nov 26, 2016

The final voter canvas was taken last Tuesday by the Summit County clerk’s office. Although some voters told KPCW their votes weren’t counted because the signatures didn’t match on the envelope with what the county has on record, clerk Kent Jones says all ballots have been accounted for. Carolyn Murray has more. 

165 completed ballots are sitting in the Summit County Clerk's office.  Summit County Clerk Kent Jones says he can't count them because they got there too late.   But it's possible some could have been mailed in time.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story:

You can check on your ballot at the state elections website,, or click here

On today's program, Leslie Thatcher speaks with Summit County Clerk Kent Jones about business and alcohol license renewals. Deer Valley President and General Manager Bob Wheaton has a short tribune to the passing of ski legend Stein Eriksen. Kyle McArthur talks about Sunday's water line break on Park Avenue. Park City App Developer Tom Klein invites listeners to download the beta version of his new app Suggest It and local author Stacy Dymalski discusses January's Women's Writing Retreat.

Summit County

The annual deadline for business license renewals in Summit County is coming up in a couple of weeks, according to County Clerk Kent Jones.  Rick Brough has more.

The Summit County Republican party is taking advantage of an error made by Summit County Clerk Kent Jones to drum up support for their candidate, Nick Coleman. Meanwhile, the Summit County Attorney's Office remains confident that the issue is a non-starter. Leslie Thatcher has more.

Summit County Clerk Kent Jones (D) is hoping to be elected to another term to carry the Clerk's office into the future. He also responded to some of the criticisms of his Republican challengers.

Nick Coleman (R), running against the incumbent for Summit County Clerk, says he'll bring business and tech experience to the position, and he aims to correct some problems with Summit County's voter database. Rick Brough has more.

Utah Officials say a clerks mistake led former Republican candidate Mitt Romney to sign a form with erroneous information.   The result was that a voter registration form, sent to the Summit County clerk"s office, had Romney living at his old Park City address, and listed him as a non-affiliated voter.  Rick Brough has more.

The filing window for candidates in the 2014 county and state races opened on Friday. The applications at the Summit County clerk's office already show there will be contests for a position on the County Council, Summit County Attorney and County Sheriff. Rick Brough has more.