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Mountain Accord
11:47 am
Tue October 14, 2014

Community Hot To Talk About Mountain Accord Plans

More than 120 people attended the Mountain Accord event last night to provide feedback on the draft agreement.
Credit courtesy Brooks Robinson

A group of experts laid out plans for the Mountain Accord process - still in the draft phase - before a packed room of curious onlookers Monday evening. They address how this group will address the management of population pressures along the mountains, canyons and valleys of the central Wasatch. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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2014 Election
5:54 pm
Mon October 13, 2014

Wright Steps Up To Challenge Incumbent


Glenn Wright is running against a Republican incumbent for State House District 54, which includes Park City, but he says he is talking about issues that are important to the state - like how education gets the short end of the funding stick. Rick Brough has more.

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Financial News
11:05 am
Mon October 13, 2014

Mountain Money - October 13, 2014

On this edition of Mountain Money, Doug Wells and guest co-host Alex Butwinski interview Darrell West about his book -  Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust. Also – Robb Kuntz and Jeremy Lund talk about their accelerator campaigns and  Morgan Nicholson, CEO of Manassas Travel is on the show.

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3:48 pm
Fri October 10, 2014

Park City Man Arrested For Rape And Sodomy

Anthony Wayne Meredith booking photo and sketch.
Credit Lane County Jail

A 22-year-old man has been arrested for rape and sodomy charges that allegedly occurred in Eugene, Oregon almost six years ago. Leslie Thatcher has more.

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State & Regional
1:41 pm
Fri October 10, 2014

The Morning Mix - October 10, 2014

Morning Mix

In this edition of The Morning Mix, John and Peg welcome musical guest Dan Hall. Plus Dan MacNulty from Utah State University, Department of Wildland Resources. .Upcoming weekend events in Park City and more!

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2014 Elections
4:43 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Powell Navigates Same-sex Policies While Running For Fourth Term

Representative Kraig Powell is seeking a fourth term to represent Utah House District 54. In his candidate interview with KPCW, Powell said he's a person who avoids extremes in politics, and thus is able to represent both the Park City area, as well as Wasatch County. Rick Brough has more on Powell's comments, including the effects of this week's U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision on state law, and education issues.

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State & Regional
12:10 pm
Thu October 9, 2014

Cool Science Radio - October 9, 2014

Today in the program, hosts Lynn Ware Peek and John Wells go on a wild ride with science writer Mara Grunbaum. Her work has appeared in Popular Science, Discover, and Scientific American and more.  She’s written a new book – unlike none you’ve ever seen before about the strange things that evolution has produced.  It’s called WTF, Evolution:  A Theory of Unintelligible Design.  

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Healthy Lifestyle
1:43 pm
Wed October 8, 2014

The Mountain Life - October 8, 2014

Hosts Lynn Ware Peek and Tim Henney speak with local photographer and filmmaker Lori Adamski-Peek about her new project - a documentary called Down the Fence, which profiles reined cow horse trainers on their way to a national competition. 

Then they speak with William Alexander - who at age 57 - was inspired to learn French by total immersion.  He wanted to BE French, but settled for devoting a few years of his life to the study.  He survived and has written a book called, "Flirting With French," and he joins us to talk about his experiences. 

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Environmental Issues
11:22 am
Tue October 7, 2014

This Green Earth - October 7, 2014

In this edition of This Green Earth, Chris Cherniak and Nell Larson first speak with Chris Crockett, an aquatic biologist with the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources.  Crockett specializes in amphibians and discusses the re-introduction of the Columbia Spotted Frog into Swaner Preserve.  After that, Chris and Nell speak with Katy Wang of the Park City Film Series about their latest film,  A Fierce Green Fire, a documentary about the origins of the environmental movement here in the U.S.

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Marriage Equality
7:13 pm
Mon October 6, 2014

Local Couple See Victory At Supreme Court's Rejection

The first same-sex couple to be legally married in Summit County last December just took a deep sign of relief and said Monday their civil rights were honored when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the appeal on the overturn of Utah's same-sex marriage ban . Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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