Special Education

The Park City Board of Education met Tuesday and among the agenda items was the 2017/2018 Superintendent’s budget.  Priorities include increasing mental health and counseling staff as well as individual school positions.   Carolyn Murray has more:

The Park City School District has hired a new Special Education Director who is working to bring the School District into compliance with federal guidelines. Carolyn Murray has more on this:

In Tuesday’s meeting, the Park City Board of Education learned the district is not meeting Federal Special Education Guidelines.  Park City’s not alone on a state wide basis but Board Members and Administration feel it’s time to step up to the task and bring the district into compliance. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Park City School board has a full agenda for Tuesday’s board meeting.  The public is encouraged to stay informed with the multiple projects underway in the district.  Carolyn Murray has more.

The Park City School District has a handful  of sizeable projects underway including the evaluation of a new Drug Testing Policy.  Other committee projects include: High School Start Times, High School Expansion, Grade realignment and Special Education continuity and alignment evaluation. KPCW reporter, Carolyn Murray has more on the Tuesday  School board Meeting.