Snyderville Planning Commission

During their public input segment last week, the Summit County Council heard from a resident, living north of Interstate 80, complain that she's living next to an illegal business. The property, which is part of the Preserve neighborhood, is also coming before the Snyderville Planning Commission to seek approvals for the use of a maintenance building. In the end, the Council instructed Development Director Pat Putt to take action to get compliance on the property. Rick Brough has more.

As the Snyderville Planning Commission considered the Commons at Newpark project at this week's meeting, the debate continued between the current developers of Newpark and the original developers of the area. The major point of contention is whether the proposed Commons project complies with the Development Agreement for Newpark. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission did not come to a decision about the proposed Commons at Newpark development, even after more public input and discussions with the applicants. But in the end, the attorney for the applicants said they're asking for a vote at their next meeting with the Planning Commission.

In the meanwhile, the direction from the Snyderville commissioners was to further explore one alternative for the residential project. Rick Brough has more.

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At a time when Christmas lights are cropping up everywhere, County Development Director Pat Putt briefly reviewed the lighting ordinances the Snyderville Basin has in place. Rick Brough has more.

The Summit County Council voted in favor of a horse-boarding business near Old Ranch Road and upheld the approval the facility got from Snyderville Planning Commission two months ago. The council's vote turned down an appeal filed by a group of neighbors. Rick Brough has more.

Members of the Snyderville Planning Commission said they still have issue with the plan by Mountainlands Housing Trust to place affordable housing in Silver Creek Village. Their concerns are that the units are too segregated, but told Mountainlands director Scott Loomis that they want to work on a compromise. They said it's up to Loomis to pursue that route -- or to ask for an amendment to the Development Approval for the Village. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission crossed one major item off their "to-do" list this week, as they voted a recommendation for the Amended Canyons Resort SPA Master Plan and Development Agreement. Snyderville Chairman Canice Harte dropped by KPCW to talk about the plan. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission voted a favorable recommendation Tuesday night for the Amended Canyons Resort Specially Planned Area and Development Agreement, following numerous public hearings and work sessions stretching back for about a year. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission voted Tuesday night to recommend the Amended SPA Master Plan and Development Agreement at the Canyons. Before the vote, they held one more public hearing, where the citizens spoke up about the proposed changes in building height and scale, the planned employee housing at the bottom of the resort, and changes to the road near the Canyons main entrance. Rick Brough has more.

A horse boarding facility near Old Ranch Road received an approval Tuesday night for a conditional use permit from the Snyderville Planning Commission. The good news was short-lived for Fox Meadow Ranch, however, as a neighbor filed suit against the property owners in the Third District Court. Rick Brough has more.