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The chair of the Summit County Council Kim Carson says they’ve been planning to meet with Park City representatives to discuss, among other things, the bus system operated by both entities. However, the topic was highlighted this week when a county council member talked about his futile efforts to use the bus.

Council member Roger Armstrong briefly reported Wednesday to his colleagues that he ran into problems trying to catch a bus from his home in Park Meadows to get to Deer Valley.

Summit County officials are always urging locals to take the bus. But one County Council member says that when he tried last week to hook onto a bus  from his home in Park Meadows, it was a futile effort. Roger Armstrong says the current system, with the county being partnered with Park City, needs a close look and a significant overhaul. Rick Brough has more.

Roger Armstrong lives on Meadows Drive and said the nearest   bus stop for him is at the intersection with Highway 224.

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The Summit County council  Wednesday approved a Resolution  stating that their preferred option for an improvement along the Highway 224 corridor; would be Bus Rapid Transit lanes on both sides of the highway.

The vote just moves a study of 224 to the next step.

One council member, Roger Armstrong, said he’d like to take a step back, and see how they can make the bus system more efficient, and more accessible to riders.

Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong is still wrestling with a decision about  whether the Council should set up a new transit tax—a choice the county has to make before the end of the month.

The new tax, amounting to .25 percent, was a topic this week as the Council of Governments (COG) met. East Side mayors were concerned that the new levy comes while the citizens are facing a number of proposed tax increases.

The Summit Council Wednesday once again turned down the applicants of the Colby School Redevelopment project. Council Member  Roger Armstrong again maintained  that  careful analysis was behind their rejection of the plan this spring.   

In late March, the County Council granted an appeal from neighbors and voted against the Colby project. Soon after, the developers put in another application, but it was turned down by Development Director Pat Putt.

Local News Hour - June 21, 2018

Jun 21, 2018

On today’s program, Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong has a recap of Wednesday's meeting. Park City Chief Building Official David Thacker and Emergency Manager Mike McComb have details about the fireworks ban that goes into effect in the Park City limits today. Outgoing Editor of Park City Magazine Melissa Fields has a preview of the summer/fall edition and the magazine's new look and Figure Skating Club of Park City Coach Joanne Rupinskas, and Brynn Roberts, an Intermediate level skater, talk about the season so far and some rule changes made by U.S. Figure Skating.

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About two weeks ago, the Summit County Council finally approved some major revisions of the East County Code, along with a zoning district map.

A formal protest period followed and on Wednesday, the council reviewed the concerns from about 15 individual landowners. Council member Roger Armstrong made the motion not to reconsider code changes for any of the protests. Rick Brough has more:

On Today’s program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Park Naturalist at Wasatch Mountain State Park Naturalist, Kathy Donnell. Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong has a recap of Wednesday's meeting. Author and CEO of Authentic Strength Advantage  Fatima Doman discusses her new book “True You: Authentic Strengths for Kids” and Johnny Samaniego and Thomas Valles talk about how they excelled in the face of adversity and are now sharing their story with kids across the country, including right here in Park City.  

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A lengthy public hearing this week hosted by the Summit County Council delved into a lot of topics regarding the East County Planning Code. Suspicion over a couple of provisions stirred a reaction from the audience. Rick Brough has more:

On today’s program, Leslie Thatcher speaks to Summit County Council member Roger Armstrong who has a recap of Wednesday's meeting. Wayne Pulham with the Bureau of Reclamation talks about plans to upgrade Echo State Park and Moab Multicultural Center Executive Director Rhiana Medina has details  about the programs they offer and Park City Council's visit last month.