Recycle Utah

Dumpster Days

Apr 17, 2015

Dumpster Days at Recycle Utah will start Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 from 9am-4pm. Two large bins will be placed on Woodbine Way for garbage and yard waste. Residential waste only. Additional dumpster days will be held the last weekend of every month, all summer long.

April 22 marked the 45th anniversary of Earth Day; let’s dedicate this month to environmentally-friendly practices. Whether you plant a tree, ride your bike and or bring a reusable bag to the grocery store, we all play a part. Come help celebrate Earth Day at the Brew Pub on April 26. For more information visit

It’s time to start thinking about your garden! Recycle Utah is holding a free composting workshop on Sat., April 25 at 10am at the recycling center on Woodbine Way. Learn how to make your own safe, chemical-free fertilizer at home. Composting is cheap and easy.

Got Glass? Take it to the recycle center that's located off of Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard on Woodbine Way. It's one of the only places in town that will recycle it. Lynn Ware Peak has more.

In this edition of This Green Earth, Chris and Nell speak with Insa Repien, Executive Director of Recycle Utah.  Recycle your Christmas trees, but not your shiny wrapping paper.  Chris and Nell also discuss Utah's Wolf Management Policy in light of the recent shooting of "Echo" the grey wolf down in the southwestern part of the state." 

In this edition of This Green Earth hosts Chris Cherniak and Nell Larson first have Insa Riepen of Recycle Utah on to discuss water conservation and hazardous waste. Then Jason Utgaard, owner of the Spotted Door, an online business that sells only recycled and re-purposed goods. Finally Bryn Carey, owner of Ski Butlers who is on his way to Rio to attend Al Gore's Climate Reality Project training.

Harvest Festival Celebrates Fall Bounty

Oct 3, 2014

The fifth annual Fall Harvest Festival will be held in the Kamas Valley tomorrow. Leslie Thatcher has more.

Tom Kelly

On Tuesday, Park City Rotary presented its annual Volunteer Citizen of the Year Award to Bruce Erickson, whose activities include helping the Glenwood cemetery Association, volunteering for Recycle Utah and serving many years on the City Planning Commission.

The 3rd annual Uncorked Event takes place at the Park City Recycling Center Friday night. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has details.

First up on today's show, Insa Riepen, Executive Director of Recycle Utah, joined the show to discuss renewable energy, solid waste issues and the anti-idling ordinance. Park City Silly Market also dropped by for an update on their Zero Waste program.