New CTE Specialist Joins Park City School District

Jan 12, 2017

The Park City School district has a new CTE specialist starting immediately. They’ve combined leadership with PC CAPs and have plans to build a more cohesive career and technical, project based, learning environment.  Carolyn Murray has more: 

There’s been a surge of activism around mental health issues in the Park City community following the drug overdose deaths of two 8th Grade Boys. The school district, along with the city and county have combined efforts to address mental health, substance abuse and at risk youth. Carolyn Murray has more.

There are a couple of large capital projects on the horizon for the Park City School District.  A task force has been working on the High School Expansion for many months but there’s a looming issue with what to do about a new school to replace Treasure Mountain Junior High and how to handle the 5th to 8th grade realignment.  Carolyn Murray was at the school board meeting on Tuesday and has this:

The School Board met on Tuesday with a full agenda including a lengthy presentation examining the English Language Arts curriculum in detail.  They had also received an update on the ongoing transportation challenges related to changing school start times. Carolyn Murray has more.

Using alcohol is sometimes considered a right of passage with teenagers but Steven Wright, representing Parents Empowered, says it has irreversible, adverse effects on children’s brains. Parents who want to know more about this research should attend the Lunch and Learn sponsored by Valley Behavioral Health, scheduled for November 16 at the School District Offices.    KPCW’s Carolyn Murray has more.  

The Park City Board of Education  is meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning in work session.  Their agenda includes a discussion on closing schools, a budget assessment and a recreation facilities update.   

Being innovative in solving a big design challenge is one thing but doing it in one hour, with no forethought or planning and working with a newly assigned team of 3 to 4 students from across disciplines…well that’s a different thing altogether. The High School PC CAPS students had a chance to showcase their skills and creativity with the Design Challenge on Thursday afternoon.  KPCW’s Carolyn Murray was at the school for the event.

Winners of the Design Challenge were selected by  members of the High School Expansion Committee:

Originally aired June 6, 2013.

The Park City Board of Education has selected Dr. Ember Conley as the district’s new superintendent.  KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher reports.