Mountain Accord

Summit County Council
3:45 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Summit And Park City Councils Hold An Accord Meeting

The Summit County Council and Park City Council, covening Thursday after a series of meetings this week, heard from their consultant about the growth explosion project to come by the middle of the century - a prospect he calls "Provo in the mountains". 
In the midst of that, consultant Charles Buki outlined some problems he sees in the Mountain Accord planning process, after his discussions with city and council officials. Rick Brough has more.

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Local News
4:18 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Mountain Accord Makes An Outreach To Park City

The Mountain Accord process - which aims to guide the management of and preserve the Central Wasatch has made a substantial outreach to the public, and finds the engagement is informed, passionate, and participatory. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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Mountain Accord
6:47 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

Compiled Data To Keep Wasatch From Being 'Loved To Death'

Park City Municipal and Summit County officials will compile data this week collected by those who attended Monday's Mountain Accord meeting, to flush out what the public added to the process of what County Manager Bob Jasper calls, "saving the Wasatch from being 'loved to death'." Rick Brough has more.

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Mountain Accord
11:47 am
Tue October 14, 2014

Community Hot To Talk About Mountain Accord Plans

More than 120 people attended the Mountain Accord event last night to provide feedback on the draft agreement.
Credit courtesy Brooks Robinson

A group of experts laid out plans for the Mountain Accord process - still in the draft phase - before a packed room of curious onlookers Monday evening. They address how this group will address the management of population pressures along the mountains, canyons and valleys of the central Wasatch. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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Get Out Car
11:08 am
Wed October 8, 2014

Ways To Encourage People To Get Out Of Their Cars

Credit Utah Department of Transportation

Summit Council Member David Ure says he was happy to see a big turn out at last week's Transportation Forum - with people speaking out, he says,  who knew what they wanted.   More with Rick Brough.

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Mountain Accord
1:28 pm
Thu October 2, 2014

Ready For Launch: Mountain Accord Merging Priorities

The Mountain Accord process is ready to launch into the next phase of merging priorities for the Central Wasatch by overlaying the separate interests of the groups representing recreation, the economy, transportation and the environment. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

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Bias Against Park City
5:19 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

Armstrong Criticizes Mountain Accord Of Agenda

Members of the Summit County Council are concerned about what's happening in the Mountain Accord process.

Talking to his colleagues Wednesday, Council Member Roger Armstrong spurred comments. He said that with time running out, the Accord discussions on transportation aren't getting down to brass tacks. More troubling, he said, Summit County is being treated as an afterthought, and it feels like the tenor of the meetings is tilting against a possible light rail up Parley's Canyon - but in favor of a rail up SAlt Lake's Cottonwood Canyon. Rick Brough has more.

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ONE Wasatch
12:13 pm
Tue September 9, 2014

ONE Wasatch Takes Another Step

Two of the three lift alignments to connect the Wasatch's seven resorts has been released. Leslie Thatcher has more.

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Mountain Accord
11:47 am
Thu September 4, 2014

Ure Questions Participation In Mountain Accord Process

A member of the Summit County Council says he wants to have a frank and open discussion with his colleagues about whether they should continue with the Mountain Accord process.

In some brief comments Wednesday, Council member David Ure didn't give many specifics about his concerns, but did refer to the recent audit of the Utah Transit Authority. Rick Brough has more.

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Environmental Issues
12:27 pm
Tue August 26, 2014

This Green Earth - August 26, 2014

It's all about mountains and trees on this episode of KPCW's This Green Earth. Chris and guest host Lynn Ware Peek kicked off the show with a conversation with Ann Ober of Park City Municipal about the latest round of meetings held by Mountain Accord, a group evaluating the impacts which population and economic growth will have on the Central Wasatch Mountains. Chris and Lynn then spoke with Darren McAvoy and Jason Barto about the 13th Annual Timber Tour happening this Saturday (August 30).

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