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The legal fight over the Park City Movie Studio continues in Third District Court.    A recent ruling from Judge

Kara Pettit has the attorneys for movie studio developer Greg Erickson claiming they've won a significant

victory.     But the lawyers for the studio's financier, Gary Crandall, say that is just spinning.    Rick Brough has

the story.

Linda Jager gives her take on the new film "The Last Word"--a Sundance 2017 premiere that brought Shirley MacLaine to town.

The Park City Board of Education is going to ask voters to approve a capital school bond. Carolyn Murray has more on the story.


Park City High School has been offering college scholarships to their graduating class for more than 30 years and was able to award 150 last year. Deadlines are ahead for this year’s graduating class and for those who want to help send a student to college. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

Ashley Mott

It’s time for Park City High School’s Mr. Miner Pageant. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

The Utah Legislature has passed an Opioid Prescription Bill, HB 90, in both houses and it’s now waiting to be signed by the Governor. HB 50, a second Opioid prescription bill has passed in the house but is in committee waiting to go to the senate for a vote. Carolyn Murray has been tracking both bills and has this:


There are less than two weeks left for Park City to raise the money it needs to buy Bonanza Flat.  And neighboring Salt Lake City says it wants to help.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story: 


The Heber City Planning Commission denied a request by the Karl Malone car dealership to turn an adjacent property into an employee parking lot.  And the debate centered around what is best for downtown Heber in the long run. KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story:  

With at least $64 million needed to expand Park City High School as well as $20 million for a new 5-6 school, the Park City Board of Education now needs to figure out how to pay for it. Leslie Thatcher reports.

Court Overturns Motocross Approval

Mar 2, 2017

Summit County has again issued a Cease and Desist Order against a motocross track near Wanship. That's the result of a recent Third District Court ruling which overturned the County Council's rationale, allowing the track to remain. Judge Kara Pettit ruled in favor of about 20  neighboring landowners who filed suit against the track. The county's new order says that the owner of the land, Steve Luczak, just cease any use of the track, including personal use and has to restor and revegetate the land by this summer. Rick Brough has more.