Kinder Connections

Jan 31, 2014

Registration for the Park City School Districts "Kinder Connections" program starts Feb. 24. This extended day kindergarten program provides an opportunity for kindergartners to attend school the same hours as students in grades 1 - 5. Kinder Connections enriches the school day with science, social studies, art and more. Register Feb. 24 to March 7. The program is offered at all 4 P.C.S.D. schools next year.. Call 615-0209 for more info or check under Community. 

The kindergarten registration deadline for all PCSD schools is Feb. 14th. If schools have accurate counts they can get classrooms ready, hire teachers for incoming students, prepare enough lunch, and order materials like desks, computers, and supplies. Parents can help by registering their kids by February 14th and telling their friends to do the same.