kent Cashel

Leslie Thatcher

Last week, Park City transportation manager Kent Cashel retired after 17 years with the city. In a party conversation with KPCW, he said he hoped he left the city transit system in better shape than he found it. Rick Brough has more.

Alfred Knotts has been selected as the new transit manager for Park City Municipal Corporation to take on the duties of retiring Kent Cashel. He joins KPCW's  Lynn Ware Peek to talk about how his current position will inform his new role in Park City. 

'Transportation's Uncomfortable Choices' was the topic for Thursday night's public panel discuss and forum, hosted by the Project for a Deeper Understanding. Moderated by former Summit County Commissioner and KPCW Board President Bob Richer lead the panel into a discussion of options and plans involving transportation into and around Summit County.

Panelists included:

Park City council at its Thursday meeting will consider some amendments to the 2015 budget to reflect some proposed bumps in the transportation environment. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

The two highways that are the backbone of the transportation grid in Park City will see some modifications beginning this spring and various phases over the next half dozen years and will include tunnels and roundabouts. Lynn Ware Peek has more.

At a Monday meeting, members of Park City Council and Summit County Council heard some figures on what it could cost to convert the city bus barn to accommodate natural gas vehicles. 
But looming over the whole discussion was the controversy over Compressed Natural gas its environmental impacts and fracking. Rick Brough has more.