Friday Film Review

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Mark Harrington had hopes -- for just a second -- that the latest Transformers addition, The Last Knight, would be more than an empty blockbuster full of big toys. Alas, it was not to be, as he explains in this week's Friday Film Review.

Libby Wadman went to see the new romantic melodrama, "My Cousin Rachel," and she can't decide if it's more like watching paint dry, or waiting for grass to grow. Here's Libby with the Friday Film Review.

Friday Film Review - The Big Sick

Jun 9, 2017

What happens when a one-night stand between a Pakistani stand-up comedian and a blonde grad student blossoms into romance? Watch The Big Sick and find out. Here's Barbara Bretz with our Friday Film Review.

The new movie Alien Covenant wants to be a blockbuster, but it's more like a B-movie. Rick Brough has this week's Friday Film Review.

Friday Film Review - Gifted

May 6, 2017

Take one child math prodigy and divide her between a nurturing uncle and perfectionist grandmother and you get the plot behind the new comedy/drama Gifted. Linda Jager has this week's Friday Film Review.

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The new film, The Promise, doesn't have any Marvel comic superheroes. It's an historical war drama. Rick Brough took a look for this week's Friday Film Review.

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For this week's Friday Film Review, Mark Harrington praises a little film that's hard to classify. But there may be one word to describe it...

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KPCW Friday Film Reviewer Libby Wadman gives the nod to a Holocaust drama with an unusual name.

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The new version of Beauty and the Beast is a more a beauty than it is a beast. That's the word from Libby Wadman who has this week's Friday Film Review.

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The Sense of an Ending from director Ritesh Batra, is a tale of past and present, regret and redemption. Her is Barbara Bretz with today's Friday Film Review.