Our featured storytellers today are Beth Horner and David Novak. Beth, an acclaimed performer for nearly three decades, takes her listeners on journeys of adventure, warmth, wonder, horror and raucous laughter. She will be telling Elsie and Mr. Fox. David Novak will be telling Sky Women’s Basket, which he adapted from a Zulu tale! Sit back and enjoy these two amazing national storytellers.

The Story Mine - May 25, 2014

May 25, 2014

To delight you today, our spotlight is on Folk Tales from all over the world. Accomplished storyteller Elly Reidy retells "The Scholar and the Bird"; Liz Weir recounts her telling of an iconic Irish tale, "Jack and the Magic Horse", Julie Barnson of the Utah Storytelling Guild shares a folktale from Denmark called "Blockhead Hans".