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Special Series
10:52 am
Fri December 20, 2013

Park City Stories - Teri Orr

In 1989, Teri Orr was the editor of the Park Record.  One of the toughest stories she had to cover during her eight-year career there, was the tragic death of the man who had been the only person she knew when she had first moved to Park City 10 years before.  In this week’s Park City Story, Orr recounts the day the music died.

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East-side Market
8:52 am
Fri December 20, 2013

L'Oakley Market Takes A Look Back Over First Year

The L'Oakley Grown Community Market is looking back on its first year, and to add some holiday cheer, they have a contest for a Jan's Mountain Outfitter, with a deadline this weekend. Rick Brough has more.

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Park City History
2:30 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

Park City History Bits - December 19, 2013

Did you know Park City’s own Little Train That Could, could for about nine years?

This is Mark Eaton with your weekly Park City History Bit.

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Literary Collaborators
1:22 pm
Thu December 19, 2013

Former Park City High School Teacher And Student Collaborate On Book

Roger Arsht and Caitlin Hawker

A former Park City High School teacher, and a student he once taught, are now literary collaborators. The teacher, Roger Arsht, and Caitlin Hawker, a 2006 graduate of the High School, are out with a new thriller. Rick Brough has more. 

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Special Series
7:04 am
Fri December 13, 2013

Park City Stories - Susan Badami

L-R: Tamara McKinney, Craig "CB" Badami, Tori Pillinger, Eva Twardokens
Credit Park City Museum

In spite of the millions of dollars poured into marketing the Park City ski experience, the world really starting taking Utah serious when it began hosting World Cup ski races.  The first one was in March of 1985.  

The  worldwide television coverage - better than any two page spread in a ski magazine  could do - showed off Utah's snow and scenery, eventually landing the state the 2002 Olympics.  Much of that success can be attributed to Craig Badami – or CB – who was hell bent on bringing the World Cup to town. 

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Only in Park City
4:59 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

You Know Your Time Frames.

You spill or drop something extremely perishable on December 12.

You have time.


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Park City History
4:06 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

Park City History Bits - December 12, 2013

This is Hope Woodside with your weekly Park City History Bit.

On July 5, 1905, spectators watching the Rio Grande Western train depart were horrified to see the engine suddenly rear up, topple down the embankment and settle on its side - just a thousand feet from the depot. 

News of the wreck spread quickly around Park City. 

Steam spewed from the broken engine and famous local ball player George Spillman made the courageous and risky move to jump inside the train’s cab to close the air valve.

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Book Review
1:26 pm
Thu December 12, 2013

December Book Review: Porcelain On Steel

If you're thinking about shopping local for Christmas, then think about this book by a local author.  Barbara Svoboda has this month's review of Donna McAleer's Porcelain on Steel.

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Holiday Concert
11:17 am
Wed December 11, 2013

Utah Symphony Holiday Concert This Sunday at Eccles Center

More holiday cheer is coming your way with a special Utah Symphony Holiday Concert at the Eccles Center this Sunday. Lynn Ware Peek has more. 

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Speaker Series
3:57 pm
Tue December 10, 2013

Park City Institute Partners With Strategic News Service

Mark Anderson
Credit Fire in Review

The Park City Institute isn't just working with TEDx to present a speaker series dealing with global issues. It's launching a series this week, in partnership with the Strategic News Service. Rick Brough has more.

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