2018 Sundance Film Festival

This year the Sundance Film Festival arrives amidst significant social and political turnover.  A controversial president has completed one year in office and the #MeToo movement is making waves.  Rick Brough discussed all that with John Cooper, festival director:

When the Sundance Film Festival launches Thursday, it will be a workout for Park City's transit, its new paid parking system, and other infrastructure.  Rick Brough reports on his recent conversation about this with new Mayor Andy Beerman:

Renai Bodley

The Respect Rally scheduled for this Saturday could draw thousands of people.  This event isn’t meant to compete with the record-breaking Women’s March on Main held last year on the first Saturday of the Sundance Film Festival.  However, organizers have lined up a star-studded speaker list that includes national and regional activists.  Carolyn Murray has more on this:

The Sundance Film Festival is bigger than just Park City.  In addition to all of the permitting that must be approved by the municipality, the Summit County Health Department is also very invovled to protect the health of those attending the festival.  Leslie Thatcher explains:

The Sundance institute has released its line-up of films for the 2018 Festival in the Dramatic Competition, Premieres, and other programs. While there are a couple of films that acknowledge a controversial year under Donald Trump, the line-up comprises an array of social topics, character studies, and off-beat themes. Rick Brough has more.