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Saturday Mornings from 7:00 to 9:00 AM

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The KPCW Classifieds Show is your chance to find out what’s going on in the local Garage Sale scene while it is happening. Call in and tell us about what you’re selling or looking for. Tell us a great clean joke or promote an event by your non-profit. Answer the ever-daunting Question of the Week, or sing us a tune. We just want someone to talk to us!

Hosted by Amy Abbott, Joel Fine and Monika Guendner (in order of diva-ness), all of whom, after 14 years of doing this, couldn’t sleep in on a Saturday morning if they wanted to.



Amy Abbott

A.K.A., Katy’s mom. She's the one with the chickens, who knits compulsively, whips out her Frankenstein feet whenever possible and can name the 10 different endangered organisms in her neighborhood.

Joel Fine

Married to the Current Mrs. Fine. (we’re still not sure how she feel about that title) The one with the deep voice who tries desperately to get a sports reference on the show now and then. Prefers the title Your Highness to Hey Lady. Refuses to make Amy Grand Marshall of the July 4th parade.

Monika Guendner

The one whose mom calls in. Also the one who usually handles the phones, so if you’re hung up on, blame her. Laughs so much on air, that’s probably how you’ll recognize her in a crowd. Also the one who keeps trying to ban talk of politics, sports or school lunch from the show.

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