Aug 20, 2013

Sometimes, the staff at KPCW comes up with requests that are just outside the normal operating budget of the station. Below is a list of tangible items that would make reporting information, news and entertainment just a little bit faster, more accurate and with an even higher degree of truthiness:  

  • Flat screen television for news room. approx. $200

KPCW's beloved MARTI system passed on this week. Since the beginning of the station, it allowed us to do traveling broadcasts from just about anywhere in the western county.

  •   InDesign program for Monika. $240
  •   Vacuum cleaner with attachments for electronics cleaning. approx. $3200
  • Inexpensive laser printer for our accountant. approx. $100
  • An ergonomic chair for our Chief Officer of First Impressions, Ethel.  approx. $200
  • Subscriptions to periodicals like High Country News, Scientific American and Radio Ink for the news team and Public Affairs Hour shows. approx. $50 each
  • Rechargeable battery system with rechargeable batteries for Lynn Ware Peek. approx. $45

  • A case (144) of Bottle to Pen writing implements for Cindy Bywater, but gets stolen by everyone else. approx. $180
  • A new MARTI system for off-site broadcasts for Roger and Jan. approx. $1,700