Treasure, Traffic, & Growth: Park City Mayor Candidates Debate Issues

Aug 4, 2017

Candidates for Park City Mayor in the KPCW studios on Friday, August 4, 2017. From left to right: Roger Armstrong, Andy Beerman, and Dana Williams
Credit KPCW

The three men running for Park City mayor debated several issues in a two-hour forum hosted by Leslie Thatcher and Renai Bodley at the KPCW studios on Friday, August 4th.  

In the first hour, they discussed the proposed Treasure Hill development, the city's plans for net zero (approximately 20 minutes in), affordable housing (28 minutes in), transportation, (40 minutes in), and ends with a two-question "lightning round" featuring plastic bags and Vail (48 minutes in).   Listen to the first hour here:

In the second hour, the candidates answered questions from KPCW listeners, starting with a question about the Kamas commuter bus, traffic flow on Kearns Boulevard (approximately 11 minutes in), chain stores on Main Street (23 minutes in), mitigating growth (28 minutes in), access to Bonanza Flat (37 minutes in), what makes them different from the other candidates (44 minutes in), the importance of net zero (50 minutes in), and the effect mail-in ballots have on their campaigns (55 minutes in).    Listen to the second hour here:  

Thank you to the candidates for their time, and thank you to all of the KPCW listeners who called in and sent in questions!