Talisker Granted - Then Denied - Access to PCMR Emails

Sep 10, 2013

UPDATE - September 10, 2013:

After reviewing the Park City Mountain emails, Judge Ryan Harris reversed his decision and ruled that the emails fall within attorney-client privilege and cannot be disclosed to Talisker. Full to story to follow in the evening news.

Original Story: Friday, September 6, 2013:

The Talisker Land Company won a round in Third District Court on Friday, in its ongoing legal battle with the Park City Mountain Resort.  Judge Ryan Harris ruled that there can be an examination of internal emails generated by PCMR officials and attorneys, to determine how a document was backdated.  The Mountain Resort had cited that letter to back up its case that the lease of its ski mountain was still valid.  Judge Harris said he was making an exception to the doctrine of attorney-client confidentiality, but said the disclosure of some 22 emails is subject to his review.  KPCW's Rick Brough has more.