With No Cash Utah Clean Air Panel Disspates

Jun 14, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A committee aimed at addressing the wintertime smog blanketing Salt Lake City is dissolving about a year after it formed.

The Alternative Energy Interlocal Entity Board, some legislators said, would help improve air quality. 

In 2013, the Legislature tasked the team of high-profile city officials and lawmakers with finding ways to expand use of cleaner fuels, especially natural gas.

But the Salt Lake Tribune reports that without any funding, the board is quietly dissolving.

The Utah Transit Authority and the Utah Office of Energy Development are expected to officially dismantle the group later this month.

An unsuccessful legislative measure in the 2014 session proposed hiking monthly utility bills by $1 to pay for such efforts.

Critics question how the state will address smog without funneling money to the cause.