Film Festival Info: Unpaid Intern Style

Jan 15, 2014

Download a handy pocket guide to all the restrooms around screenings for the Sundance Film Festival here


Main Street map. Click to enlarge.
Main Street map. Click to enlarge.
Credit KPCW
Festival Tips

  • Uh, no. We don’t know who you are.
  • Use the eWaitlist: you can receive a waitlist # via any Internet capable device. ewaitlist.sundance.or
  • Get to the Sundance box office at 8 AM every day to swoop up available unsold tickets for that day’s show. 
  • Check out all the sponsored lounges for some free goodies. 

  • Function over fashion — get some good boots.
  • Always have a snack on you. 
  • Buses/shuttles will not go directly from the venue you’re at to the venue you want to be at in 5 minutes. They have designated routes. They stick to them.
  • See at least one film a day at the library. There’s good food there, it’s OK to eat in the theater.
  • If you wear fur – beware. SFF brings activists too.
  • Be nice to and thank the Sundance volunteers. 
  • Have fun standing in line. (That's not sarcasm, that's an invitation to meet people.)

Kimball Junction map. Click to enlarge.
Kimball Junction map. Click to enlarge.
Credit KPCW

  • Most grocery stores are open 24/7. Shop early in morning or late at night.
  • There are no grocery or convenience stores ON Main Street. The closest is a 7-Eleven on Park Avenue, eight blocks away from the bottom of Main Street, all down hill or on the bus route. 


  • Grocery & convenience stores only sell ‘light’ beer (3.2). No wine or liquor — those live in the liquor stores.
  • Liquor stores are closed on Sunday.
  • Liquor stores will ALSO be closed Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 
  • Last call at the bars is 1:00 am.


  • On the first weekend it is usually better to walk from the Egyptian to the Library and the Library to Holiday Village/Yarrow – it’s all downhill.
  • Don’t count on cars and vehicles giving you the right of way when you’re crossing the street. 
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the street, whether you are walking or driving. 
  • It is impossible to get ANYWHERE at 5pm, unless you on foot. Have a cocktail somewhere and wait it out. 

Prospector Square map. Click to enlarge.
Prospector Square map. Click to enlarge.
Credit KPCW

  • Use the shuttle system/buses or take a cab. Parking is crazy. 
  • If you need to be anywhere at a specific time and cannot miss it, don’t depend on a taxi because they will run out at times; book hourly service.
  • Book transportation in advance — NOT 2 hours before your flight back home. 
  • Transportation companies get thousands of calls each day of the festival, try to book online (and not at 3am for a 5am pick up) or in advance. 

Park Meadows map. Click to enlarge.
Park Meadows map. Click to enlarge.
Credit KPCW

  • Park City is a ski resort town, and it’s January. It will be Polar Vortex-feeling cold here the whole time. 
  • The warmest day temp will be 39, the lowest at night: 15. 
  • Drink lots of water to avoid altitude sickness.

Local Info

  • City staff will remove posters, signs, etc. hung illegally.
  • Physical lost & founds can be located at Park City Police – 435-615-5500; Park City Transit – 435-615-5350; Sundance Box Office and
  • KPCW offers a virtual lost & found. Submit your lost or found item at and we will post it on our website and announce it on-air. 
  • Listen to KPCW on 91.9FM for local weather, traffic, local news and Sundance interviews.

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