Rick Brough

Summit County Reporter

Known for getting all the facts right, as well as his distinctive sign-off, Rick covers Summit County meetings and issues. KPCW snagged him from The Park Record in the '80s, and he's been on air and covering the entire county ever since. He produces the Week In Review podcast, as well a heads the Friday Film Review team.

Rick is also a pop-culture savant (who would bury you in Trivial Pursuit), which makes him the perfect host for KPCW's weekend interview show of filmmakers, actors and critics during the Sundance Film Festival. Revealing his darker side, you can catch him every Friday afternoon with Randy Barton on The Local View discussing which celebrities passed on that week.

Other features on Mr. Brough include:

Ways to Connect

Three major parcels held by the Mayflower Company are apparently headed for sale and development in the near future. Wasatch County Manager Mike Davis had an update in his latest interview with KPCW. Rick Brough has more.

It looks like Wasatch County will revive a long-dormant citizens' board, which could be the vehicle for an open-space bond proposal. Rick Brough has more.

Applications are being accepted for Class 24 of Park City's Leadership program. Rick Brough has more.

The Coalville City Council recently dealt with two building proposals -- one for a car wash on a parcel fronting Main Street, and the other a proposed development with more density than the city has seen for several years. Rick Brough has more from our conversation with Mayor Trevor Johnson.

The leaders of the Park City Chamber/Bureau say they weren't surprised by the news from Summit County Council, who gave notice they want to reallocate the distribution contract for Transient-Room Tax monies. Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone and Board President Chris Eggleton say they will sit down with the county in the coming year to find out just what they want. Rick Brough has more.

A Coalville mink rancher has filed suit against Summit County and Coalville City, alleging that when they permitted a traveling circus near his operation two years ago, the noise and lights caused the deaths of 150 breeding females and thousands of unborn offspring. Rick Brough has more.

Ola-ola / KPCW

The new film "Rough Night" takes a story you've seen before in Guy Movies - and gives the women a chance to run wild with it. Rick Brough says the results are not impressive. He has this week's Friday Film Reveiw.

The Summit County Council hasn't decided what to propose for a possible rate increase in your property taxes. But Council member Doug Clyde says they do know it's a problem that's been building for years. He says the county's reserves are at zero and that's not acceptable. Rick Brough has more.

Summit County Council member Doug Clyde says he and his colleagues want to discuss whether more Transient Room Tax monies should go towards things like parks, trails, or recreation facilities, rather than just towards promoting tourism. Clyde talked to KPCW this week about the county's intent to renegotiate their TRT contract with the Park City Chamber/Bureau. Rick Brough has more.

The Cline-Dahle parcel off Rasmussen Road was the topic of a presentation to the Summit County Council on Wednesday, as well as the focus of an Open House at Jeremy Elementary. As council member Doug Clyde noted, the county set its sights on the land because it may help solve a couple major problems. Rick Brough has more.