John Wells

Host, KPCW Cool Science Radio

John's curiosity with science and technology began at the age of 7 with the country's space program. With a subscription his parents gave him to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics along with other periodicals and Walter Conkite's evening broadcast he studied everything space. He followed the lives of America's test pilots and astronauts who piloted Mercury, Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. His curiosity in how things were built led him to dismantling the family's window fan, toaster and lawnmower. Taking apart things was easy. Putting them back together, well, not so much. John grew up in New York state and Massachusetts with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He received a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Maryland.

John's fascination with technology continued with a 25 year career in the computer industry. He held area, senior and executive management positions with; Chipcom Corporation (networking), MIPS Computer Systems (high performance computing) and Netapp (storage). He moved from Boston in November 2010 to live in Park City. He began DJing at KPCW in January 2011, has substitute co-hosted regularly on Mountain Money, Community Voices and This Mountain Life. In February 2013 John and Lynn Ware Peek became the permanent co-hosts of Community Voices.

In September 2013 John and Lynn launched Cool Science Radio: Delivering understandable science and technology in a complicated world.

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Dr. Leslie Knapp, professor and chair of Anthropology Department at University of Utah kicks off the show with hosts Lynn Ware Peek and John Wells. She is author of the scientific paper, Evolutionary Trade-off between Vocal Tract and Testes Dimensions in Howler Monkeys Across the animal kingdom, males hoot and holler to attract females and ward off competing suitors. Now, a new study finds that male howler monkeys with deeper calls have smaller testicles – and vice versa, according to researchers from universities of Utah, Cambridge and Vienna.

 Morning Mix - Live from the new Kimball Arts Center. John Wells and Peggy Ijams welcome Robin Marrouche, Executive Director of the Kimball Arts Center to the program.  The first musical guest is Alicia Stockman.  She performed three songs live.  Other guests include Amy McDonald - Education & Exhibitions Director at KAC and Ehlias Louis of Gigaplex Architects.  John and Peg bring us up to date on the events happening this week around the region. 


  Today’s musical guests were The June Brothers, Spencer Overly and Todd Christensen.  They entertained us with several songs live in studio.

Second segment was Fall into Fashion featuring    Lori Harris/Owner of Mary Jane's and Brooks Kirshheimer - manager of Zoom.

In segment three   we talked with  Dave Getz (founding member), and Peter Albin, from Big Brother and the Holding Company who are appearing tonight and tomorrow night at the Egyptian Theater.

Monika Guendner

Hosts Lynn Ware Peek and John Wells speak with Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale – a British company that develops material using graphene,  as strong as carbon fiber, but 40 percent lighter, and with a smaller carbon impact in its production. They spoke with  Gibbs last week, when he was in town for the Future in Review Conference.

KPCW / Mark Maziarz

Hosts John Wells and Peggy Ijams open up this week's The Morning Mix with three songs from musical guest Aubree Liz.

In the second segment, Kendeyl Johansen talks about Park City Funseekers.

And in segment three, Renee Huang, Briar Handy and Chris Panarelli spoke on Libetti and Libations – Utah Opera-inspired craft cocktails at Park City restaurants.


Cool Science Radio's first guest stepping away from the Future in Review Conference is Con Slobodchikoff, author of Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals. Slobodchikoff is CEO of Animal Communications Ltd. and the director of the Animal Language Institute. The name of the panel that he will be heading at the Conference is “The Patterns of Language: Using Computers to Communicate with Other Species.”


A very special Morning Mix program as John Wells and Peggy Ijams welcome members of Chamber Music of Park City.  Performers included Paul Rosenthal and Simon Gollo, violins, Russell Harlow, clarinet and Leslie Harlow, viola. Paul and Leslie performed a Mozart Duo, Simon played the opening of “Tzgane” or Gipsy, by Ravel and Leslie and Russell played part of a Beethoven Duo.

In segment two, Jessica Grey and Whitney Leavitt of Peace House talk about Bling Fling and Domestic Awareness Month.


 Today’s first guest is Ashwin Vasavada who was the project scientist of the Mars Curiosity project. There is evidence that the Red Planet once had a climate that could have supported life billions of years ago – and more evidence unearthed last week. 

The second guest is author J. Kenji Lopez, who wrote the book, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science.  In the Food Lab, Kenji focuses on the science behind beloved American   dishes, delving into interactions between heat, energy and molecules that create great food.

Monika Guendner

Hosts John Wells and Peggy Ijams welcome their musical guest, Amber Lynn , for a live performance in-studio.  Their second guest is Derryl Yeager from the Odyssey Dance Theatre Production, Thriller,  playing at the Egyptian Theatre thru October 11.  Comic Con is back in Salt Lake City this weekend and Producer Dan Farr takes a few minutes to talk about this huge event. Our own Monika Guendner calls in from the halls of all things geek for an on-site report.


Today’s first guest is Suresh Venkatasubramanian, Associate Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah. Software may appear to operate without bias because it strictly uses computer code to reach conclusions. That’s why many companies use algorithms to help weed out job applicants when hiring for a new position.