Cindy Kaiser

Director of Development & Special Events

Cindy Kaiser, KPCW's Director of Development & Special Events - aka Party Director - came to KPCW in 2011 after a successful career in even management for Snowbird Ski Resort, several real estate agents and her own sports event company.

Ways to Connect

Monika Guendner / KPCW

KPCW Community Radio

  • Designed by:  Cindy Kaiser
  • Sponsor:  KPCW Broadcasters Club

“Inspired by Nature”

Everything on this tree is natural: the tree bark, the grasses, the ornaments, even the recycled plastic balls.  KPCW is an unique and natural fit to the community, hence our playful “All things natural and Park City unique” décor. 

The purchase of this tree includes a one-year membership to the KPCW Broadcasters Club Silver Level.

See details of the tree in the slideshow above.