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Co-host of KPCW's This Green Earth.

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Dave Hanscomb joins Tim Henney and guest co-host Chris Cherniack to share the details of tis years race schedule at the Wasatch Citizens Series. Then they talk with Lauren Beheshti, Community Education Program Coordinator and director of the Good Neighbors program at the Park City School District about some issues facing Latino Members in the community. And finally, they visit with Lisa Napoli, author of Ray and Joan: The Man Who Made the McDonalds Fortune and the Woman Who Gave it Away <...

Dr. Brian McPherson is a professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Utah. He was recently awarded a 1.3 million dollar grant from the Department of Energy to study whether or not the process of carbon capture and storage of CCS could be applied here in Utah. What is carbon capture and storage? What are its benefits and challenges of first introducing and then storing carbon dioxide into the ground? And once there, will it remain in perpetuity?...

The Mountain Life - November 30, 2016

Nov 30, 2016

Today on the Mountain Life, Lynn and guest co-host Chris Cherniak celebrate the snow with Paul Diegel with the Utah Avalanche Center. Then they talk with Chad Brackelsburg about Ski Mo. The final guest is trail guru Bob Radke who discusses new winter trails.

Scientist and ecologist Dr. Ari Friedlaender joins Chris and Nell in the first part of the show to discuss his 20-years of research in Antarctica. Then in the second half, they speak with Dr. Jeff McCarthy and Kathleen Metcalf. Jeff is a professor and director of Environmental Humanities graduate program at the University of Utah. Kathleen is a student in that graduate program.

Mark Clemens from the Sierra Club joins Chris and Nell in the first part of the program to discuss the potential environmental impacts the new administration will have. In the second half of the show, rocky Mountain Power is proposing new rates for customers who want to generate solar power. Kate Bowman from Utah Clean Energy is here to explain what the new fees and charges are and what it might mean to the future of residential solar in Utah.

Rob Davies will be giving a talk at the Santy Auditorium next Monday night the 14 th . The Talk is titled; Failure Is Not An Option and It will define the required changes all of us in Park City will have to perform if we have any hope of reducing the most dire consequences of a warming Wasatch Back. Dr. Davies and Judd Werner of the Citizens Climate Lobby join Chris in the first half of the show. In the second half of the program, NOAA supported scientists working in the Hawaiian...

Bill Barron is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate as an unaffiliated single issue “climate” candidate. This is his third run for national office and he believes that running for office is the most effective thing he can do to bring attention to the urgent issue of climate change. Bill Barron joins Chris on the first part of the show. In the second part of the program, the bi-annual hazardous waste collection event, held at the Canyons parking lot several weeks ago was a huge success. Molly...

Susan Nedell with E2 joins Chris and Nell in the first half of the program. E2 advocates for renewable portfolio standards and energy efficiency. In the second half of the show: Summit County has launched a pilot program which offers a professional home energy assessment to the first 100 eligible homeowners whose primary residence is in the county. The program started October 22 and County Sustainability Manager Lisa Yoder joins the program to discuss how things are progressing, what the cost...

In Biting the Hands That Feed Us, Food lawyer Baylen Linnekin tells the human stories of farmers, food producers, sellers and consumers who have been hurt by bad food laws and how these rules can be fixed and simplified. In the second segment of the program, Chris and Nell talk with Jill Jonnes, author of the book, Urban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and people in the American Cityscape. She discusses the history of trees in our urban landscape.

This Green Earth - October 11, 2016

Oct 11, 2016

Today Nell and Chris cover a number of environmental stories in the news, including record high carbon dioxide levels, record purchases of electric vehicles and how much coal your solar panels save.