• Volunteer DJ

    every other Friday 7PM to Midnight

  • Volunteer DJ

    Mondays 12:30 - 3PM

    Host of Jazz 180

  • Volunteer Alumna

    Co-host of the Miner Detail Show

    She was one-half of 'The Mollys" who host every other Miner Details show with co-host Molly McGinness. She's at the University of Utah studying linguistics.

    Molly J. was born in Denver,...

  • Volunteer Alumna

    Co-host of the Miner Details Show

    Molly 'graduated' from KPCW Summer 2014.

  • Volunteer On-air Host

    Paul started in 1994, and held a show until 2002, took 12 years off, and has been back since 2014.

  • Volunteer DJ

    Proud new daddy and on-air sub for DJs "on remote".

  • Volunteer DJ

    Cada Domingo

    Sundays 7-10 PM

  • Volunteer DJ & Engineer Extraordinaire
  • Volunteer DJ
  • Volunteer Air Force

    every other Saturday 10AM-1PM; every third Sunday 7AM-1PM